Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Unbroken drive against THAAD deployment

Unbroken drive against THAAD deployment
Gimcheon residents’ action against deployment of THAAD is fiercer.
A rally against deployment of THAAD at Lotte golf course in Seongju was held on September 24 with attendance of ten thousand inhabitants in Gimcheon.
On that day, they warned that they will never remain a passive onlooker at authorities’ decision on THAAD deployment, while tractors crushed grape, plum and onion, an indigenous product of Gimcheon.
The Gimcheon Committee for Checking THAAD Deployment decided to launch one-man demo in front of the Cheongwadae, ministry of national defense and the provincial office, and pilgrimage on foot and by bicycle from Gimcheon to Chengwadae as well as candlelit vigil.
The Won Buddhists formed an emergency committee within the order to declare their opposition to THAAD deployment. Because the Lotte golf course is situated near the temple of Won Buddhism and there are inconvenience in visiting believers and difficulty in preserving the surroundings.
Short days ago, they held a joint rally together with inhabitants of Seongju and sent a protest letter to the US embassy. In the protest letter they strongly opposed the deployment of THAAD in any parts of south Korea.
On September 12, the Seongju Committee for Checking THAAD Deployment noted that it would cement its organizational ability with the core of the participants in candlelit vigil and keep it to the end.
The movement headquarters for peace treaty consisted of three civic organizations set the September the month for peace treaty and action and engage in action against the deployment of THAAD.
The People’s Solidarity of Participatory Democracy sharply assailed the national assembly that is indifferent to THAAD deployment vital to peace and future of the Korean Peninsula and northeast Asia and national existence. The Solidarity for Peace and Unification noted that it would continue action until the decision is withdrawn.
The personages of various circles are inspiring the popular masses with action against THAAD deployment through their propaganda divulging unreasonableness and terrible consequence to be entailed by the deployment.

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