Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Puerile Racket

Park Geun-hye, taken aback by the news of the successful nuclear warhead explosion test of the DPRK, convened confabs of confrontation under the pretext of it.
She convened an “emergency meeting on current situation”, "state council meeting" and conference of heads of ruling and opposition parties in Cheongwadae, after hearing the DPRK’s successful nuclear warhead explosion test during her foreign junket.
In the meetings, she incited inter-Korean confrontation by spouting a flurry of jargons “maintenance of punishment” and “effective response”.
Her vituperation is aimed at justifying the deployment of THAAD, to begin with. In a word, she is going to arouse popular sentiment by taking issue of the DPRK’s nuclear warhead explosion test and cool down strong opposition of the opposition parties and people of various circles to hasten the deployment of THAAD.
In addition, it is aimed to tide over the serious ruling crisis caused by the pro-Japanese treacherous acts and scandals.
In connection with south Korean authorities’ agreement on sexual slavery with Japan, broad spectrum of people are waging a vigorous actions against Japan and the government.
The scandal caused by Woo Byung-woo, a senior presidential advisor for civil affairs of Cheongwadae, sparked off the public indignation.
It is an inveterate habit of the south Korean ruling quarters to divert elsewhere the attention of the public when they are faced with serious ruling crisis.
Park Geun-hye is resorting to all sorts of despicable moves to escape a stern punishment of the people, while clamoring about “security crisis”.
But, no one will be taken in by such poor assertion.
Their desperate bid is as foolish an act as digging up their own grave.

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