Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Immortal Banner of Independent Reunification

Kim Jong Il and Roh Moo-hyun sign the Declaration for Development of North-South Relations and Peace and Prosperity
Immortal Banner of Independent Reunification
The pressing issue in achieving independent reunification of the country is to bring about a radical improvement in inter-Korean relations.
The Korean people mark the 9th anniversary of the publication of historic October 4 Declaration at a time when they launch a nationwide drive to reunify the country with a grandiose blueprint unfolded by Chairman Kim Jong Un at the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
The October 4 Declaration that was published by broad magnanimity and patriotic devotion of leader Kim Jong Il is a banner of independent reunification that ushered in a new era for development of inter-Korean ties, peace and prosperity.
He opened up the June 15 reunification era, the fresh era of independent reunification, for the first time in the scores of years-long history of national division. In order to develop the inter-Korean relations into that of the Korean nation itself, he arranged the second summit of the north and south in October 2007.
With broad magnanimity and ardent compatriotism, leader Kim Jong Il led energetically that the summit could be a momentous phase to ensure the sovereignty, co-prosperity and common interests of the nation. Thanks to his tireless efforts, far-sighted acumen and wise leadership, the October 4 Declaration, the immortal banner of independent reunification, was made public.
The declaration clarified that Korea’s reunification must be achieved independently under the banner of the idea of By Korean Nation Itself. It showed the tasks and ways to develop the inter-Korean ties into that of mutual respect and trust and ensure the lasting peace. And also, it showed the tasks and ways to cooperate in economy, culture and humanism for common prosperity of the nation and combine in the international arena for rights and interests of the nation.
After the publication of the declaration, the national reunification movement entered a new higher phase and the Korean people could strive harder for national reunification with concrete object and way.
The south Korean mass media vied with one another in broadcasting that the summit was a reunion of the entire Korean people and it showed the way for reunification. Noting that thanks to the patriotic idea of great national unity of leader Kim Jong Il, the nation could make great strides in reunification movement and the declarations are milestones for independent reunification and a reunified country, broad spectrum of south Korea people spoke out their reverence for him.
The immortal exploits of Leader Kim Jong Il, who laid the foundations of achievement of the cause of reunification with lofty love for the nation and prominent leadership, will go down along with the national history.
Thanks to a steadfast faith and outstanding leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un, who carries out the behests of the preceding leaders for national reunification to build up the country into a reunified power, Korea’s reunification will surely come true.
Under the sagacious leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un, the Korean people will surely realize the national reunification by waging a nationwide struggle adhering to the three charters for national reunification and inter-Korean declarations

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