Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Struggle is the only option

Recently, south Korean workers have launched a general strike against the introduction of piecework system and anti-workers policy of the authorities.
On September 22, fifty thousand unionists of the financial sector held a rally in Seoul at which they strongly opposed the introduction of piecework system, saying the authorities are enforcing the retrogressive labor reform.  
Six thousand unionists of transportation and the trade unions of Hyundai Motors went on a walkout on September 24 and 26 respectively and the trade unions of railway and subway under the KCTU and the trade unions of Seoul University hospital launched a general strike on September 27 in demand of abolition of the piecework system.  
The Federation of Trade Unions decided to go on a general strike on September 29 with attendance of ten thousand unionists under the trade unions and open a nationwide workers meeting in front of the Seoul municipal office on November 19 with the participation of 30,000 unionists. 
The Association of Rice Producers and the Federation of Peasants Associations held a rally in Seoul on Sept. 22 demand of the guarantee for peasants' right to existence and resignation of the Park Geun-hye regime.
More than 5 000 peasants from 80 regions took part in the rally.
Kim Yong-ho, chairman of the Federation of Peasants Associations denounced that the peasants are touch-and-go all the time as the price of rice is declining sharply by import of American rice.
The participants, in the rally, relieved their pent-up wrath on Park Geun-hye who breaks her commitment of keeping the rice price. 
They pointed out that they will make their all energies to oust the Park regime that encourages slump of rice price and plunges the agriculture into recession and ensure the vital rights of the peasants.
Nevertheless, the Park group has turned deaf ears to the workers’ demand, branding their action as collective egoism and illegal one. They openly threaten to cope their action with law and principle. 
The nationwide workers’ drive is a surging indignation at the Park clique that violates the working people’s rights to live.  

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