Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Push out murderous Park Geun-hye regime!

Push out murderous Park Geun-hye regime!
A large-scale people's all-out action against the south Korean authorities’ retrogressive labor reform and the state censorship system for history textbook was in Seoul on November 14 last year with attendance of 150, 000 people under the sponsorship of 50 civic organizations including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.
Baek Nam-gi, a 70 years old peasant, fell into a coma by cerebral concussion after he was hit by water cannon fired by the riot police and several people were wounded during the action.
He breathed his last on September 25 after 317 days of a critical condition after he was carried to a hospital.
The south Korean people are trembling with surging indignation at the riot police and its wirepuller the south Korean authorities who pushed Baek into death.
The national measure committee for Baek’s recovery and against violence transformed its committee into struggle headquarters and declared that it would continue action until the steps for investigation, punishment of those for responsible it and prevention of recurrence are taken.
The opposition parties including the Minjoo Party and the People's Party expressed their condolences over Baek’s death and argued a thorough investigation and punishment of those responsible for it.
The Park regime has never offer an apology to Baek until his death, far from punishment of those responsible for his death.
Kang Shin-myong, the former head of police agency, made absurd remarks at the hearing that it is inappropriate to make an unconditional apology to those injured or dead.
The authorities deployed hundreds of riot police around the hospital where Baek was under medical treatment in case of contingency. It is busy to evade investigation and said it would make an autopsy of Baek.
The death of Baek gave a lesson that the people’s welfare is precarious under the rule of fascist despotism and had the death is tolerated the second death of Baek would occurred.
The south Korean people should give a stern punishment to the heinous Park regime that suppresses and even kills the people.
A broad spectrum of south Koreans are indignant at brazen-faced and inhumane acts of the authorities, that justifies their murderous act, far from apologizing their act of driving the peasant to death, and turn out in the campaign against the regime.
The south Korean people should put Park in the dock.

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