Tuesday, 4 October 2016

DPRK Scholar on Human Rights Violations in U.S.

   Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- American politicians frequently call their country "society equal for all", but the United States is an "empire of evils" where human rights are ruthlessly violated and strangled.
    The U.S. emerged an empire in America after exterminating the Indians and got ill-famed for slave trade, Hong Chun Gil, a researcher of the National House of Class Education in the DPRK, said, adding:
    In the U.S., killings, robbery and all other sorts of crimes are committed one after another under the "Statue of Liberty" and there are many jobless and homeless people wandering up and down.
    Ceaseless state terrorism, torture, racism, violence and other illegal atrocities are threatening citizens' rights and lives.
    The number of ultra-right criminal organizations in the U.S. mainland reached to more than 890 last year, according to an annual report made by a civic organization of the U.S.
    In particular, the Ku Klux Klan, which has earned an ill-fame for advocating extreme racism, grew twice in number of its branches in one year--from 72 to 190 branches.
    Meanwhile, murder cases are reported without letup even a day, including killings of blacks by the white police.
    In July 2014, the Italian Ministry of Justice sentenced two GIs to six years in prison each on charge of raping a Romanian woman who was six months pregnant at a local city of Italy.
    The facts go to prove that the U.S. is the worst human rights abuser. -0-

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