Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Japan's Crimes during "Resident-General's Rule" over Korea Disclosed

 Pyongyang, February 1 (KCNA) -- Newspapers Wednesday carry articles contributed by researchers at the Institute for Japan Studies to disclose the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists, on the lapse of 111 years since their establishment of the "residency-general", an organ for their colonial rule over Korea.
    Ra Myong Song, a researcher of the institute, in an article carried by Rodong Sinmun says:
    The Japanese imperialists fabricated the "Ulsa (1905) Five-point Treaty" through threats, blackmail, pressure and fraud under the spurious signboard of "protection." Pursuant to it, they formally established the "residency-general in Korea" in Seoul on February 1, 1906, enforcing the "resident-general's rule."
    The establishment of the "residency-general" and its rule were, in essence, aimed to wantonly violate the sovereignty and dignity of Korea and pursue a colonial rule over it.
    The "resident-general" was the supreme ruler who deprived Korea of all rights such as legislation, jurisdiction, administration and military command.
    The Japanese imperialists set up a "mechanism for controlling the residency-general and governor's office," empowering the "resident-general" to exercise the same rights as the governor general's. The "resident-general" belonged directly to the Japanese king and he was authorized to suspend the enforcement of laws and treaties related to diplomatic issues in Korea and rescind them on behalf of the Japanese government. He was mandated to promulgate "ordinances of the residency-general" to detain Koreans and issue an order to use force of arms, etc.
    The supreme ruler of Korea was not the emperor of the Korean feudal government but the "resident-general" of Japan and the ruling organ was not the Korean feudal government but the "residency-general" of Japan.
    Kim Hong Hwi, a researcher of the same institute, in an article contributed to Minju Joson, discloses that the Japanese imperialists enforced "the resident-general's rule," keeping Korea under their military occupation with huge aggressor forces present and establishing a brutal gendarme and police system to mercilessly crack down even the slightest anti-Japanese elements. -0

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