Wednesday, 8 February 2017

KCNA Commentary Snipes at S. Korean PM's Greed for Power

 Pyongyang, February 8 (KCNA) -- Hwang Kyo An, puppet prime minister of south Korea, has openly revealed his intent to run for the next term "presidency."
    Hwang had said that he had "no will to run for presidential election" until the end of the last year. But he suddenly made a U-turn this year. He is running helter-skelter to gain public support, asserting "economy and people's living constitute a top priority task" and calling for "people's unity and integration" at various meetings such as "meeting to start new year work" chaired by him.
    He has worked hard to rally the conservative forces and win over more forces supportive of the regime by hyping "security crisis." At the same time, he kept himself busy with diplomacy towards the U.S. as evidenced by his zealous support for the U.S. THAAD deployment and a phone conversation with the new U.S. president to please his master.
    Against this backdrop, the conservative forces seek to realize their stay in power at any cost by putting forward the guy seized with his wild ambition for power, calling for helping Hwang run for the "presidency."
    As seen above, Hwang, an arch criminal who deserves punishment by history, is running amuck to make the second Park Geun Hye regime appear by taking advantage of the impeachment trial in south Korea, not content with the office of the acting president. This is a challenge and insult to the public candlelight actions sweeping south Korea.
    Being puppet minister of Justice and prime minister as a special confidant of Park, Hwang had always acted at her beck and call. He is a leading accomplice in the "Park Geun Hye-Choe Sun Sil Scandal."
    While working as a public prosecutor of the Seoul District Prosecutor's Office, section chief of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office and chief public prosecutor at the Pusan High Public Prosecutor's Office for 30 odd years, he had mercilessly suppressed the progressive pro-reunification forces by invoking the ill-famed "Security Law".
    In particular, Hwang took the lead in cooking up hideous conspiratorial cases at the instructions of Park when he was minister of Justice. It is well illustrated by the fact that he masterminded the operations to sweep under carpet the case of Intelligence Service's interference in the election and the case of Jong Yun Hoe's interference in "state affairs", cook up the spy case of a public worker in Seoul City, forcibly dissolve the Unified Progressive Party and check the probe into the truth behind the ferry "Sewol" disaster.
    He also took the lead in enforcing Park's country-selling policies like introduction of "state-compiled history textbooks", decision on THAAD deployment and the agreement on sexual slavery for the imperial Japanese army, which brought unbearable disgrace and humiliation to south Korea.
    It is natural that opposition parties and civic organizations of south Korea are strongly urging Hwang to make an apology and step down as early as possible, branding him as "servant of Park's regime" and the "guy akin to Park."
    Foolhardy are the conservatives of south Korea who have gone so foolish as to try to stay in power by pinning hope even on the top class accomplice forsaken by the people.
    Hwang would be well advised to go to jail with Park, aware of where he is standing. -0-

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