Thursday, 9 February 2017

S. Korea Has No Face to Talk about "Human Rights": KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet forces are using the "human rights issue" as a playing card for its confrontation with the DPRK from the outset of the new year.
    After beginning "investigation into human rights performance" while citing "severity of human rights situation in the north", the puppet forces held a confab for discussing the orientation for "improving human rights in the north" and formed a plot-breeding organization called "advisory committee for promoting human rights in the north" under the puppet unification ministry.
    In the meantime, they are building up public opinion to give impression that the DPRK is to blame for the stalemate in the humanitarian cooperation between the north and the south while talking about "humanitarianism" and "solution to the issue of divided families".
    This is a trite method employed by the group of traitors more dead than alive to get rid of the abyss of ruin they are finding themselves in due to the worst crisis of impeachment. It only reveals their sordid intention to cover up their hideous crimes under the signboard of "human rights" and stay in power by standing in confrontation with the DPRK to the last.
    In fact, the south Korean puppet conservative regime has neither qualifications nor face to talk about human rights and humanitarianism of someone.
    It is none other than the Park Geun Hye group who has turned south Korea into a tundra of human rights and the darkest society in the world where even elementary political freedom and rights are ruthlessly suppressed and toiling masses are treated as mere animals.
    That's why the international community calls south Korea "the most horrible barren land of human rights on the planet."
    It was again the Park Geun Hye group of traitors who totally blocked exchange, cooperation and humanitarian work between the north and the south.
    Their allurement and abduction of a group of DPRK citizens, in particular, are a thrice-cursed crime against the nation and humanity.
    In April last the group of cruel hooligans abducted 12 women citizens of the DPRK to south Korea where they have forced them into "defection" for nearly a year.
    Due to such organized and planned abduction committed by the puppet group in a bid to tarnish the dignity and prestige of the DPRK and undermine it, the number of "divided families" is on the steady increase in peace time.
    The group of traitors, international terrorists and human rights abusers, are inflicting pain of forced separation between kinsmen while keeping citizens of a sovereign state in detention after kidnapping them in broad daylight in disregard of human ethics and international law. Yet, they trumpet about "human rights" and "humanitarianism". This is an insult and mockery of the world conscience and the entire Korean nation hoping for human rights and justice.
    It is ridiculous and the height of shamelessness for the group of traitors to vociferate about "human rights".
    They are obliged to officially acknowledge their sordid group abduction of DPRK women and "defection operation", apologize for them and let them reunite with their parents who are very anxious to know about the fate of their daughters.
    And they should not keep in custody under absurd pretext a DPRK citizen Kim Ryon Hui who had been taken to south Korea after being cheated by agents of the puppet Intelligence Service in 2011 but let her return to the north according to her will. -0-

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