Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Comrade Kim Jong Il was undoubtedly the greatest fighter against modern revisionism. While other countries that called themselves ´´socialists´´ and those who still call themselves ´´Socialists´´, they joined hands with imperialism and opened their doors to capitalism, leaving aside the working class and plunging it into misery. After one of the saddest and hardest moment suffered by the Korean people when Great Leader comrade Kim Il Sung passed away in 1994. Three years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, comrade Kim Jong Il said his famous phrase "Do not expect changes of me´´
It was in those moments that the Korean people suffered the Arduous March due to the collapse of the socialist bloc, increased sanctions to make the socialist system collapse and the natural catastrophes that completely damaged the harvest that together with the isolation probed famine and shortage. Despite everything the Korean people were united more than never with the Leader to strengthen the economy and the self-reliance following the guidelines of the great Songun idea and following the steps of the Juche Idea. The most revolutionary idea that guarantees self-reliance and the development of socialism. Without the Songun policy it is impossible to achieve the construction of socialism.
Kim Jong Il always stands out for his humility in his classic khaki suit away from military clothing and medals, and with his old coat, the only one he worn for more than 10 years since the Arduous March, during the years of building socialism  he brought happiness and self-reliance to his people. Comrade Kim Jong Il said that his coat symbolizes the Songun revolution and the Ardous March and that he would not take it off so this hard episode is not forgotten and that will always lead him to the final victory!
After the collapse of the socialist block comrade Kim Jong Il wrote his great work ´´Giving Priority to Ideological work is essential to accomplishing socialism´´19 of June, 1995. One work that I always recommend to study every year in his anniversary, where comrade Kim Jong Il exposed that socialism can only be build prioritizing ideology over all other factors to achieve the communist consciousness and not to fall into revisionism, opportunism and capitalist road.
This proves that the Korean people are the only country that fully developed the Ideological consciousness and the advance of socialist construction towards communist society.
One of the comrade Kim Jong Il greatest achievements was the development of the Juche Idea in modelling the whole society  around Kimilsungism in the 6th Congress of the WPK in 1980 as well as in the 7th Congress Marshal Kim Jong Un developed model the whole society around Kimilsungism-Kiimjongilism.
Also the development if the Songun politics as I mentioned before allowed the country to achieve self-sufficiency and to leave the Arduous March guaranteeing socialism.
Another great achievement of comrade Kim Jong Il was the highest step to achieve the reunification of the Korean peninsula between 2000 till 2008 when comrade Kim Jong Il meet in Pyongyang both SK Presidents of this period first Kim Dae Yung and second Roh Moo Hyun when both governments accorded negotiations without interference of the US Imperialism and other countries. One of this project was to re-unite the families that have been separated since the war and occupation of the US Imperialism and the establishment of the cooperation industrial park in Keasong. During this years the DPRK Hotels been full of SK citiciens. This period of reunification finished in 2008 when the new SK fascist puppet government led by Lee Myung Bak reaching the power supported by the US Imperialism.
For all of this reasons Kim Jong Il was the great example of communist and antirevisionist leader just attacked by this revisionist followers of the capitalist way and ignorants and opportunists who call them shelves communists and never studied any single work of comrade Kim Jong Il using the same arguments that the western propaganda. But comrade Kim Jong Il is loved for all of us who study his work and learned from his steps and struggle for the independence of the popular masses following the Great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism till the final victory of socialism and communism. After this words I just need to say thank you comrade Kim Jong Il for guiding us in the struggle for building a new world.
David – UK KFA Organisation Secretary.

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