Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Kim Ryon Hui still being held illegally in south Korea against her will


Kim Ryon Hui a DPRK citizen has been held in south Korea since June 2011. She was tricked into going there by a dishonest money lender in China . She has family in the DPRK and wants to return to them. Ms Kim has asked many times to be returned to the socialist Juche homeland of the DPRK but the south Korean authorities have refused . Apparently it is forbidden to "re-defect " to the DPRK in south Korea . So anyone who defected to south Korea but then changed their mind is not allowed to go back to the DPRK. In the case of Ms Kim she had no intention at all of permanently settling in south Korea and had been mislead into going there . There are sure to other such cases. It is also worth mentioning the 12 DPRK waitresses adbucted in April 2016 by agents of the south Korean National Intelligence Service and have not been seen publically in south Korea since been taken there.

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