Friday, 17 February 2017

The anti-DPRK brainwashers of the media

UK KFA is not going to get drawn further into discussing the sensational reports about the DPRK , we have said our piece that we believe it to be fake news created by the south Korean puppet clique (and the US obviously). However what we will comment on is how the mainstream media , or bourgeois media or imperialist media brainwash people against People's Korea and the Juche Idea by a constant stream of anti-DPRK propaganda. Now anti-DPRK stories are being fabricated almost daily , sometimes several times a day by the south Korean puppets and the media of the UK, US , Australia, France ,Germany and elsewhere collaborating . Of course many newspapers in these countries get advertising revenue from ads by south Korean monopolies such as Samsung and Hyundai. Some Western media conglomerates also directly have business interests in south Korea. It also believed that some Western journalists are directly bribed by the south Korean National Intelligence Service. Of course in some imperialist countries there is a close relationship between the intelligence services and the media. The CIA is known to virtually control the US media and also manipaulate the media in countries far beyond the borders of the US (for example please see the article "How the CIA Makes the News " by Steve Weissman ) . As to the UK many British foreign correspondents have close ties with the Secret Intelligence Service or MI6 and the SIS-MI6 are believed to be in the control of much of the BBC's overseas reporting.
UK KFA had its own very negative experience of the media when KFA Official Delegate was forced to take early retirement from his job because of a witch hunt initated by an article in the "Sunday Times " .This is the media for you !
So there you have it the media of one kind and another -print ,electronic, tv , social media , in the Western countries are in fact controlled by a narrow ruling elite and shadowy intelligence bodies . For their own propaganda purposes the south Korean puppets churn out anti-DPRK propaganda largely to divert from their own problems and also to fan inter-Korean confrontation and block any progress towards reunification. The fake news produced by south Korea is reproduced and recycled by the Western imperialist media so as to demonise, belittle and denigrate People's Korea and basically poision the minds of the people against People's Korea.
UK KFA exists to counter these lies and spread the truth about the reality of the DPRK . We have meagre resources and do not have the billions and trillions that our own oppenents have.

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