Tuesday, 21 February 2017

KCNA Commentary Ridicules S. Korean Ruling Party's Name Change

Pyongyang, February 21 (KCNA) -- A series of burlesques in south Korea are drawing the attention of the world public recently.
    The conservatives of south Korea were compelled to stage the farce of renaming their party "Liberal Korea Party" and revising its program and changing its logo as their five-year-old "Saenuri Party" got tattered after being forsaken by the public.
    Clamoring for "giving a facelift to the bad image of the party" by shifting their party head office to other place from Youido, they seek to rally the conservative forces after giving up the projected "reshuffle" within the party.
    This is nothing but a clumsy chicanery to shake off the disgrace of being members of a "party serving Park Geun Hye" and put under carpet their true colors as thrice-cursed politicians hell-bent on pursuing the treacherous politics, irregularities and corruption at the beck and call of traitor Park.
    As well known, the "Saenuri Party" often changed its name under the signboard of "revamp" and "adaptation" whenever it faced a crisis after being cursed and forsaken by the public.
    Since the "Liberal Party" was founded by traitor Syngman Rhee, the "Saenuri Party" has committed all sorts of treachery, changing its name into "Democratic Republican Party", "Democratic Justice Party", "Democratic Liberal Party", "New Korea Party" and "Grand National Party".
    As a saying a leopard can't change its spots goes, no matter how frequently the party changes its colors like a chameleon and removes its nest, it can never cover up its true colors as the party of Park's accomplices, a group of hideous political swindlers and the worst traitors.
    Nevertheless, the former chairman of the "Saenuri Party's" emergency measure committee blustered recently that he would shield Park from any charge and condemnation, talking about "human sense of obligation", prior to confirming the name of the party.
    Gentries of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) openly go against the anti-Park massive candlelight actions, talking rubbish that human rights of even a criminal should be guaranteed and demand for impeachment amounts to threat and blackmail.
    All facts go to prove that the LKP is just Park's private party that openly patronizes her and works hard to get the motion on the impeachment of her dismissed.
    Opposition parties and people of various circles in south Korea are now bitterly censuring the renaming, declaring that the LKP is a group of corrupt politicians who ruined the country and no matter what it does, the people would not pardon Park and her "Saenuri Party".
    No matter how frequently the party of traitors changes its name, the crimes it has committed by pursuing sycophancy toward big powers, fascist dictatorship and unpopular rule can never be written off.
    The hysteric fit of psychopaths will never end before their death. The above-said disgusting farce of the group of traitors would only precipitate the miserable end of the conservative forces. -0-

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