Friday, 3 February 2017

KCNA Commentary Blasts Park Geun Hye Group's Political Terrorism

 Pyongyang, February 3 (KCNA) -- It was disclosed that the Park Geun Hye group has suppressed and persecuted personages of different social standings after secretly putting them on black lists.
    The above-said lists, alias "black list," "blue list," and "list of enemy force", included personages of all social standings and even conservative figures who did not support Park or had even slight grievances against her.
    Those people are subject to illegal surveillance and excluded from the list of persons to be promoted and expected to receive "government" subsidies.
    This is a blatant challenge to the public as it is fascist terrorism, hideous encroachment on democracy and human rights abuses just the same as that prevailed in the era of "yusin" dictatorship characterized by the unprecedented dark rule.
    Those "persons on the black lists" subject to the tyranny and arbitrary practices of the Park group include personages in the fields of culture and arts, education, media and sports and all other social circles. Officials of Chongwadae, the Intelligence Service (IS) and administrative bodies were involved in the act of mapping out those lists reminiscent of scenarios for modern-day witch hunt.
    The recently disclosed case of blacklisting persons of literature and arts is a product of the cynical ploy of the puppet regime to throw many progressive persons of literature and arts behind bars after putting them on the black list in a bid to quell the anti-"government" sentiments and weather its ruling crisis.
    For instance, the "black list" contained the names of 9 473 persons of literature and arts who either took part in the signature campaign to demand the repeal of the "government ordinance on ferry Sewol" or supported the declaration on the ferry disaster or voted against candidates from the ruling party in the "presidential" and Seoul mayoral elections but for candidates from opposition and independent camps.
    It was Park Geun Hye who sponsored the illegal barbarous terrorism.
    It is the instinctive physiology of Park to revive the repressive machinery dating back to the era of "yusin" dictatorship and enforce the intelligence-based terror politics as she wrested power the way her father, a fascist dictator, did.
    In addition to intelligence and investigation institutions such as IS, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of Public Health and Welfare, the "Office of National Tax Administration" and other "government" offices and local power bodies were hurled into such indiscriminate political surveillance.
    The Park regime went the lengths of working out a document called "incumbent mayor of Seoul's leftist administration and orientation of counteraction" and conducting political surveillance aimed to check his influence.
    A secretary of the Intelligence Committee of the puppet "National Assembly" was reported to have openly claimed in his radio broadcasting appearance that the security organs had nothing to be blamed as the IS conducted wiretapping and surveillance over civilians once in every four months with the permission of Park.
    Consequently, south Korea has turned into a dark society where freedom and democracy and even people's elementary freedom to express their will and conduct political activities are mercilessly trampled down. This is an inevitable product of the barbarous intelligence-based politics and fascist repressive rule of traitor Park.
    The puppet regime is, indeed, a group of criminals and political gangsters who make no scruple of committing any base and heinous actions for staying in power.
    They are fated to go to ruin as they brandish swords of dictatorship against all compatriots, regarding them as "enemy" and "those" to be eliminated. -0-

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