Friday, 24 February 2017

NRC Sheds Light on Despicable Nature of "Liberal Korea Party"

   Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- The National Reconciliation Council (NRC) issued a memorandum Thursday revealing the despicable nature of the "Liberal Korea Party" in south Korea which has committed thrice-cursed crimes indelible down to generations to come.
    According to the memorandum, the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) is a traitorous party accustomed to flunkeyism and submission.
    The party has changed its name many times from the Liberal Party, which was formed to prop up the pro-U.S. regime with Syngman Rhee as a puppet under the scenario worked out by the U.S., into Democratic Republican Party, Democratic Justice Party, Democratic Liberal Party, New Korea Party, Grand National Party, Saenuri Party and then Liberal Korea Party. But it has never changed in its dirty nature as a group of pro-American traitors.
    The wild act of this traitorous party reached the extremes when it was called Saenuri Party.
    After setting it as its "state policy" to tighten alliance with the U.S., the party extended to an indefinite period the duration of the "wartime operation control" though it was made to be taken over from the U.S. master even for the mere form's sake. And it turned the cradle of life of the nation into a worldwide nuclear confrontational theatre by deciding to introduce THAAD, nuclear war monster of the U.S., into south Korea.
    This party has been long accustomed to pro-Japanese treachery. It described the thrice-cursed act of glossing over the shuddering crimes committed by the Japanese reactionaries in the past, including the crimes related to the sexual slavery, as a "diplomatic and historical achievement" and pressed for the conclusion of an agreement on the protection of military intelligence with Japan, thus playing the role of guiding invaders.
    Since its first predecessor, the LKP has viciously strangled independence, democracy, justice and truth while resorting to hysteric acts putting the fascist Nazis into the shade.
    At the time of Liberal Party, it enforced fascist dictatorship by invoking the "Security Law" and concocted unprecedented fascist evil laws after May 15 military coup of traitor Park Chung-hee, thus turning south Korea into the grave of human rights and democracy.
    After it changed its name into Democratic Justice Party, it cooked up more than 100 fascist evil laws, turning south Korea into a prison without bars.
    The Saenuri Party even concocted "anti-terrorism law", the second "Security Law", in order to stamp out the progressive and democratic forces advocating national unity and reunification.
    Under the dictatorship of the fascist clique, the activities of the trade union of teachers demanding independence, democracy and reunification and the programs and activities of Jaju Minbo were outlawed and banned.
    In 2013 the minutes of the north-south summit talks were deliberately discharged and distorted to suppress the progressive and pro-reunification forces as "spokesmen for the north".
    The party actively supported Park Geun Hye's moves for "state compilation" of history textbooks which justified pro-Japanese, pro-U.S. and "yusin" dictators and incited confrontation with the fellow countrymen, and came out as a shock brigade for executing it.
    Citing the facts that LKP turned south Korea into the living hell, the memorandum continued:
    Now the unemployed number more than 4.5 million, the underemployed 10 million, homeless old people 885 000 and those without their own houses more than 8.5 million families in south Korea.
    The whole south Korean land suffers from unpopular rule such as worst working conditions, forced dismissal and wage cut.
    Noble campus is used as a means for money-making and the majority of people without provision of elementary living allowances suffer death when they get sick.
    The traitorous party cooked up in succession unpopular evil laws crudely violating the right to existence of the popular masses, pushing people into destitution. Through the privatization of public fields, it further strangled the windpipe of the toiling masses who barely made their living.
    It slandered the struggle of workers and other people of various strata demanding the right to existence, thus making the storm of fascist suppression rage.
    The Saenuri Party's despicable behavior at the time of the shocking ferry Sewol disaster makes the world tremble with anger even today.
    The predecessors of the LKP stubbornly stood against the national unity and reunification generation after generation.
    Traitor Syngman Rhee set "unification by prevailing over communism" as "state policy" and traitor Park Chung-hee built concrete walls along the Military Demarcation Line and traitors Chun Doo-hwan, Roh Tae Woo, Kim Young Sam proposed confrontation of social systems and the proposal for unification through absorption as "north policy". The predecessors of this party all took the lead in promotion of those policies with their sleeves rolled up.
    The party downplayed the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, an action programme for implementing the said declaration, as "pathetic unification theory" and "tactics of reunification front of the north" and totally denied them. Instead it set as its "north policy" the "confidence-building process" and "Dresden declaration" and "the doctrine of gaining a great opportunity of unification", the policy of confrontation between social systems touted by traitor Park Geun Hye.
    In order to undermine the single-minded unity of the army and people of the DPRK and realize the pipe dream of regime change, the party squandered a great amount of fund on anti-DPRK plot-breeding organizations and egged human scum on to kick up the racket of scattering leaflets slandering the DPRK.
    After setting up the UN "office on human rights in north" in Seoul, the party cooked up "bill on human rights in the north" and "anti-terrorism law", anti-DPRK confrontational evil laws, in March last year and totally shut down the Kaesong Industrial Zone, the last lifeline of the north-south relations.
    The records of confrontation with the fellow countrymen committed by the LKP also include its criminal war moves against the north.
    In August 2015 the Park Geun Hye group fabricated a "case of mine provocation by the north" and randomly opened fire into the areas of the north side in a bid to ignite a new war. At that time the LKP proposed a "resolution on denouncing the north's provocation of planting mine in DMZ area" as a party opinion and resorted to escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen.
    Whenever the U.S. openly disclosed its scheme for preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK, the Park Geun Hye group actively supported it and called for "massive punishment" and trumpeted about "south Korea-U.S. alliance".
    The LKP denounced opposition parties and people from all walks of life standing against THAAD deployment as "sordid forces" and "forces creating social unrest", thus fanning up the atmosphere of suppression.
    The party is the setter of a new record in corruption and irregularities.
    Clear evidence is that Park Geun Hye and her close confidants, who are called No. 1 party members, have been involved in MIR foundation and K Sports Foundation, the hideous corruption and irregularities case.
    The party is a swindling political party, money-swayed party, thief party, cheating party, money all-mighty party, and sex-crazy party.
    It is a eunuchoid party of Park Geun Hye.
    It is utterly amazing that in the present era of high civilization there exist modern-day eunuchs who serve the dragon lady hardly worth a human being as a queen for her indolent, depraved and corrupt life.
    Those eunuchs were mostly from the Liberal Korea Party, the memorandum said, citing facts.
    Now the party is making desperate efforts to prolong its dirty remaining days but it can never cover up its despicable nature and crimes, it noted, stressing:
    Syngman Rhee sold pancake stuffed with bean jam for his living after being rejected by his people and ousted from his homeland, and Park Chung-hee was shot to death by his close confidant and Chun Doo-hwan and Roh Tae Woo had to live in Paekdam Temple and serve a prison life. Such pitiful end is unavoidable fate of the Liberal Korea Party. -0-

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