Sunday, 5 February 2017

Letter that the revisionist "Morning Star " did not publish

Dear "comrades "
Once again I was sickened to see to see the "Morning Star " repeated the slanders and lies of the imperialist media against People's Korea , I refer to the article "Diplomat defector left Pyongyang for his kids " .How ridiculous ! It would appear that the "Morning Star" rather than conducting independent journalism simply copied and pasted this from Reuters .
  What the article fails to tell readers is in fact the individual in question , the traitor to People's Korea who had been employed as Minister Counsellor at the DPRK Embassy in London
had being charged with "embezzlement of huge amount of state funds, leakage of state secrets for money and rape of a minor.". It is indeed shameful that the imperialist media (and now the supposedly socialist "Morning Star " ) are giving such publicity to someone who is accused of such vile crimes. It is also disgraceful and shameful that the British state apparently helped this fugitive from justice to go to south Korea .
   The traitor was detached from the ever-changing and stirring reality of People's Korea as he had not lived there for 10 years  and was also detached from the reality of capitalist Britain with its unemployment ,poverty , homelessness ,exploitation , dead end jobs and misery.
  Some of us believe that he was involved in systematic spying on different Korea solidarity organisations in the UK as he liked to film the meetings and often asked for video footage or pictures. It was assumed that this was intended for the DPRK but it is now believed that this was actually been sent to south Korean intelligence , the CIA and the British security and intelligence services.
   "The Morning Star" should not eulogise or apologise for this  traitor and spy. Indeed the "Morning Star " should be using its influence in the labour movement to demand a full investigation into the role of the British state in this affair and the possiblity that the traitor was spying on British progressives

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