Monday, 27 February 2017

Desperate Wriggle

 Of late, the Park Geun-hye group goes desperate in their moves to delay the impeachment trial of the “Constitutional Court”.
Driven into a bottomless abyss of ruin by the ever-mounting candlelight action being staged by the south Korean people of various circles in demand of prompt decision of impeachment on Park Geun-hye, the Park clique has employed a crafty artifice to divert elsewhere the attention of the angry public and concentrate the anti-impeachment forces to prevent Park from being impeached by gaining time to the utmost.
The Park group refused roundly the special investigation team’s demand of investigation into the Blue House and Park under the groundless pretext.
Cohorts of the Blue House flatly rejected the special investigation team’s inquiry about Park, because the inquiry is a pain in the neck for Park who committed hideous crimes and if the investigation is started the unexpected question would be produced.
The gentries of Cheongwadae are trying to building up the public opinion in their favor to delay the impeachment trial of the “Constitutional Court”, while claiming Park’s innocence that Park is involved in the scandal unjustly as the scandal is a mere fraudulent practices of Choi Soon-sil and her followers in pursuit of profits.
They are intentionally delaying the impeachment trial by inviting many witnesses or stubbornly requesting the witnesses who declined their request to appear at the court.
The Park group is fanning up the ultra-rightist group to anti-impeachment campaign and the ruling Liberty Korea Party is patronizing her, while raising an objection to the expansion of the period of special investigation.
No matter what desperate efforts the Park clique makes, the enraged candlelight wave will cremate the Park group

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