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Combating imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning called for-1999 article from KCNA

Combating imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning called for

   Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- The newspaper Rodong Sinmun and the magazine Kulloja, organs of the Central Committee of the Worker's Party of Korea, published a joint article entitled "Let us reject imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning."
    Rodong Sinmun today in a lengthy article says that the imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning is an important means of executing its strategy for world supremacy, corrupt capitalist idea is intolerable in socialist society, imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning should be frustrated through a revolutionary ideological offensive and the DPRK should consolidate the socialist ideological and cultural front as firm as an impregnable fortress.
    In the first part, the article says: The imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning is a means of aggression and intervention committed under the signboard of "cooperation" and "exchange."
    It is the main strategy of the imperialists to dominate the world with corrupt ideas which they had failed to bring under their control with atomic bombs and dollars. This poisoning is aimed at doing harm to the excellent national character of each country and nation and making hundreds of millions of people across the world mentally deformed.
    In the second part, the article points out: In the socialist society, the imperialist ideology and culture, the corrupt capitalist idea should not be tolerated under any circumstances. It is the truth proven by history that if a slightest manifestation of the corrupt capitalist idea is tolerated, socialist society itself cannot exist.
    The former Soviet Union and east European socialist countries collapsed not because their military and economic potentials were weak and the level of their cultural development was low. It was entirely because they opened the door wide for the imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning. Corrupt ideas spread by the imperialists are more dangerous than atomic bombs for the countries in the process of socialist construction.
    This ideological and cultural poisoning is a vicious reactionary offensive aimed at breaking people's faith in socialism. It is thanks to this faith that a socialist society is built and a socialist bulwark is defended. Once the imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning is tolerated, even the faith unshakable before threat of the bayonet will be bound to give in like a wet mud-wall. This is exactly degeneration. If one is taken to capitalist idea, he will abandon his faith and be disarmed ideologically.
    It is an important method employed by the imperialists to make the faith in socialism wither away to carry out ideological and cultural poisoning under the signboard of religion. Crafty, indeed, are the methods employed by the imperialists to beautify the exploiting society, misplace the working-class trust in their party and incite anti-socialism by abusing religious creed.
    The imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning serves as a vicious means of destroying the unity and cohesion in the socialist society. It inevitably invites the emergence of counter-revolutionary forces. It is bound to be followed by the appearance of counter-revolutionary elements who harbor an illusion about imperialism and resurgence of saboteurs and destructive elements.
    History shows that any turmoil and activities of counter-revolutionary groups in socialist society are linked with the moves of the imperialists. The imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning is just like tentacles of the perilous campaign to harm the noble socialist way of life. If any heterogeneous way of life is allowed in the socialist society to stand opposed to its way of life, it will shake the society to its very foundation.
    In the third part, the article says: We should frustrate the imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning by a revolutionary ideological offensive. The revolutionary people should undertake a more dynamic struggle against imperialism till it goes to its final ruin and the corrupt bourgeois ideology and culture is totally eliminated from the earth.
    It is necessary to keep hold on ideological education as our life line and positively conduct it. Now that the world is disturbed by the corrupt idea, there is nothing more dangerous than neglecting ideological education of the people and leaving them ideologically defenseless. People should not allow any alien ideas to come into their mind. Those who are not equipped with the socialist idea are bound to take to the bourgeois idea.
    Main emphasis should be put on offensive, in stead of defence in checking the imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning. It is the most dynamic and efficient offensive to carry out an ideological education of the people. To pay exclusive attention to economic construction and abandon ideological work is just a suicidal act of opening the door for imperialist ideology and culture to infiltrate.
    Efforts should be concentrated on the ideological education before anything else. To accelerate economic construction with a definite priority given to ideological education is the most revolutionary strategy to foil the imperialist strategy of "peaceful transition."
    Ideological education in the socialist society should be strictly socialist and revolutionary in its content. The ideological front should not allow anything ambiguous, compromise or concession. Wobbling ideological education is worse than doing nothing. As some countries that were building socialism in the past carried on spotty education, neither socialist nor capitalist, it brought degeneration and setbacks to the ideological front. The ideological education should be strictly red both in its form and content.
    It is imperative to set up a mosquito net in all realms of social life. It is important to thoroughly block, first of all, the channels through which the imperialist ideological and cultural poison can infiltrate. Without this education people are bound to go sick mentally, morally and physically. It is a most foolish act to neglect taking any revolutionary measure to check this, aware of this disastrous consequences.
    To set up a mosquito net means a revolutionary benefit and love shown by the party that is responsible for the destiny of the people and leads them, the only genuine protector of the people. "Speak out" and "pluralism" called for by the imperialists and renegades of socialism should never be allowed in the ideological and political fields.
    In the economic domain, not the slightest illusion should be harbored about the capitalist way of business management based on money and about "reform" and "opening" that invite imperialism. In the field of literature and arts, the tendencies toward art for art's sake, self-indulgence and "freedom of creation" should be strictly rejected. Non-socialist elements should never be allowed. These are a hotbed of bourgeois ideology and culture.
    The former Soviet Union and east European countries collapsed as they connived at and encouraged non-socialist elements. It is important to decisively frustrate capitalist and non-socialist elements in their bud. In its last part, the article calls for consolidating the socialist ideological and cultural front of the DPRK as an impregnable fortress.
    It goes on: The wise leadership of the Worker's Party of Korea that has given a definite priority to the ideological work has already been clearly proven in the revolutionary practice. The Worker's Party of Korea is a militant party which has led the revolution and construction on the strength of idea with a firm hold on it.
    The WPK has pushed ahead with the socialist cause, invariably taking the theory of ideology as a guideline no matter which way the wind may blow. The resolute, principled and uncompromising position maintained by the wpk in the ideological and cultural confrontation with imperialism remains a brilliant example in defending the socialist cause.
    We should retain a firm hold on the WPK's policies of the ideological work and thoroughly implement them. Kim Jong Il is a great architect of the socialist ideology and culture and a champion of human civilization. Our socialist ideological position can neither be destroyed nor can the aspiration of progressive humankind after independence be dampened as long as there is the great Kim Jong Il.

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