Friday, 3 February 2017

Aggressive Military Alliance

South Korea signed the "mutual defense assistance agreement" with the US on Jan. 26, 1950, 67 years ago.
The "agreement" is a product of the US brigandish aggressive scenario to strengthen military domination and subjugation of south Korea under the signboard of "alliance" and realize its wild ambition for invading the DPRK.
The "agreement" granted the US limitless rights to deploy its aggressor forces and set up military bases anywhere in south Korea while oppressing and exploiting its people. Contrary to this, it obliged the south Korean authorities to meekly meet any US brigandish demand.
After the conclusion of the “agreement”, the US has shipped huge military hardware into south Korea while reducing south Korea into a colossal military base and instigating the south Korean traitorous group to provoke a war against the north.
The typical instance is the Korean War started by Syngman Rhee on June 25, 1950 at the US instigation. The last Korean War clearly showed what grave consequences were caused by the criminal scenario pursued by the US to dominate the whole of Korea after signing the above-said "agreement."
Trumpeting about non-existent “DPRK’s provocation and threat”, the US and south Korean military have conducted joint military exercises under the pretext of coping with it to browbeat the security of the former and fan up the tension on the Korean Peninsula with potential outbreak of nuclear war.
The Park Geun-hye regime, steeped in pro-US and inter-Korean confrontation proclivities to the marrow of its bones, extended the transfer of wartime operation control without date, soliciting permanent occupation of the US.
It is one facet of tightening the alliance with the US that the south Korean authorities have made frantic bid to deploy THAAD in defiance of strong opposition of the south Koreans of all social strata, while justifying the deployment of THAAD as a “defensive step” to cope with “DPRK’s nuclear threat”.
Of late, they asked officials of new US administration to develop bilateral relations and showed submissive attitude to accept the US brigandish offer including an increase in upkeep of the US forces in south Korea. They invited newly-appointed US defense secretary to Seoul to tighten their military nexus.
The south Korean authorities’ pro-US sycophancy and inter-Korean confrontational move to lengthen their remaining days trigger off towering rancor of the Korean nation. Their foolish moves only help their ruin.

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