Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Report of Meeting of the Juche Idea Study Group of Madrid Spain for the 75th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL

Day of the Shining Star 106
In commemoration of the Day of the Shining Star 106 (2017), 75th Anniversary of the Birth of Comrade Eternal General Secretary, His Excellency Kim Jong Il, the Juche Idea Study Group (GEIJ) of Madrid met on February 13 at the University to celebrate this date, so important in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
For this occasion, we read and studied the work “On some problems concerning the ideological basis of Socialism,” written by the Leader on May 30, 1990.
Three members of the GEIJ, including its Director and Second Secretary, attended the meeting and highlighted the following concepts of this interesting text:
– Analysis of the fall of the socialist countries. Revisionism rejects the revolutionary principles of the working class, something that can not be allowed: thus, defense of anti-revisionism and the importance of the ideological basis.
– Certain limitations of Marxism-Leninism in the implementation and development of socialism and communism:
the necessity of adapting the theory to the new conditions.
– Criticiz
ing of social-democracy as a tool for the “peaceful transition” from socialism to capitalism.
The perception of human beings as machines by the capitalists, for whom human beings are only significant as long as they provide profits.
– Collectivism: in the interests of the collective are also those of the individual. “Collectivism is not opposed to the interests of the individual, but to individual
interests that are detrimental to those of the collective.” Demand on putting the interests of the collective first.
– Importance of the Three Revolutions and the creative capacity of the Masses, as society is molded around them. The ideological force comes from the
conscious Masses.
– The developed capitalist countries achieved their “material prosperity” through the cruel neo-colonialist exploitation of the workers of the Third World.
– Total rejection of the reactionary idea of
the laws of animals and plants (spontaneity and struggle for existence), applied to society.
– “In the revolutionary theory of the Great Leader (His Excellency
Kim Il Sung) on the construction of socialism and communism, are globally scheduled the shape of the communist society, the legitimate way of transition to it, the objective and strategic line of the construction of socialism and communism, and the orientations and concrete ways of struggle in all spheres of revolution and construction.”
Later, we had a relaxed talk in friendship and comradeship about other aspects of the DPRK’s reality. The meeting went on for two and a half hours.
On the other hand, members of the Juche Idea Study Groups and the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) in Spain, we will attend the reception that will take place in our Embassy on February 15, to which we have been kindly invited by our Korean comrades.

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