Wednesday, 1 February 2017

KCNA Commentary on S. Korean Conservatives' Racket for "Declaration of Martial Law

 Pyongyang, February 2 (KCNA) -- The south Korean ultra-right conservative forces are getting all the more reckless in their wild act against the public mindset.
    Shortly ago, a group of conservative gangsters held a rally against the impeachment of Park Geun Hye where they called for "declaration of Martial Law" and swayed spears and helmets reminiscent of the "crusade".
    They shouted "All Reds have to be removed", "Insurgents holding candlelight have to be killed under Martial Law" and "Only Martial Law will work. Army, rise up".
    This rowdyism, reminding one of the bloody fascist violence in the days of the May 18 Kwangju resistance, touches off the surging wrath of all the fellow countrymen and the international community as it was pursuant to the puppet conservative forces' organized and planned plot to open a way-out of the on-going situation calling for the impeachment of Park.
    The group of conservatives is making desperate efforts to prop up the declining conservative regime while defending the traitorous policy of Park, root cause of all disaster.
    From the outset of the year, traitor Park instigated the conservative media to totally deny her crimes. And she, openly inciting military coup, let the puppet military gangsters float the story of "insecurity" and "threat from the north" in a bid to create the feelings of crisis in society on purpose.
    She let the die-hard conservatives, who insulted the bereaved families of Sewol disaster as "corpse vendors" and branded progressive labor organizations as "forces following the north", trumpet about "nullification of impeachment" and "elimination of leftist forces" and vociferate about the "attempt of north-defending group to seize 'power'", threatening and blackmailing the people.
    The move of the ultra-right conservative group to drench the whole south Korean land with blood in order to prolong the dirty remaining days of the "yusin" witch is a dangerous act that can be done only by the descendents of the military fascist dictators who mangled the April 19 popular uprising and the May 18 Kwangju resistance with bayonet.
    The racket for "declaration of Martial Law" kicked up by the conservative group, repeating the great tragedy of history which turned south Korea into a theatre of fascism and wasteland of human rights and democracy, is a fin de siecle act of those without future.
    The group of traitors can never check the dynamic advance of the people desirous of new politics and new society and can not evade the miserable fate of perishing in the sea of candlelight. -0-

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