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On the article "Neighboring Country's Mean Behavior" -ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu


 23rd of February  Juche 106(2017)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) ,the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and the issued a joint
statement in support of the article "Neighboring Country's Mean Behavior" written by Jong Phil on the 23rd of February :
 Our organisations applaud this article from the DPRK which a just critique of the big-power chauvinism and revisionism of a neighbouring country to the DPRK.
  On the 12th of February the DPRK successfully tested the surface-to-surface medium to long-range strategic ballistic missile Pukguksong-2 on February 12 under the energetic guidance of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.  This was applauded by the independence loving progressive people of the world as it increased the self-defence capablities of Juche Korea enabling it to stand up to US imperialism.
 However a certain country that styles itself as both a big power and as a friend of the DPRK decided to take issue with the missile test and joined with the the US imperialists in condemning the missile test . Not only that but the country concerned has voted for UNSC sanctions against the DPRK for exercising its rights to self-defence  and has now imposed unjust sanctions on People's Korea . This is  a truly outrageous action. It is total betrayal of  proletarian internationalism  ,anti-imperialism and 
socialist principles. Some people who blindly worship big powers foolishly believe that the country concerned is anti-imperialist but this is a ridiculous delusion. Even schoolchilren on street corners know that a certain big power is revisionist and capitalist roadist.
   As the article "  Neighboring Country's Mean Behavior" states "   In particular, it has unhesitatingly taken inhumane steps such as totally blocking foreign trade related to the improvement of people's living standard under the plea of the UN "resolutions on sanctions" devoid of legal ground.
    It has often stated that the UN "resolutions on sanctions" should not have negative impact on the people's living. Its recent measures are, in effect, tantamount to the enemies' moves to bring down the social system in the DPRK.
    This country, styling itself a big power, is dancing to the tune of the U.S. while defending its mean behavior with such excuses that it was meant not to have a negative impact on the living of the people in the DPRK but to check its nuclear program
 This is basically the truth. The fact is that the big power-chaunvists and international revisionists have sided with the US imperialists and world imperialism in trying to bring down the socialist system of the DPRK. This is a disgrace and the country concerned will be cursed as a traitor to socialism for generation after generation.
   The DPRK will be unfazed by these moves of the US imperialists and big power chauvinists . The DPRK will march on under the banner of self-reliance and self-development  and implement the twin
line of building the nuclear force and economy in parallel. The Korean people are united single heartedly around great and respected Marshal Kim Jong Un , the Juche Idea , Songun and the great Workers' Party of Korea, They will resist any move from anywhere to effect "regime change " by
smashing up the socialist system .
  We say respect to the DPRK for publishing this article and speaking out for truth and justice . It is good that the DPRK is standing up to big-power chauvinism and revisionism ! The DPRK guided by
Juche is a country that believes in saying what it believes.It is not afraid to call a spade a spade ! We hope that article will be widely distributed .
  Victory to the DPRK !
 Long Live Juche !
Long live dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un !
 UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu

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