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Answering the lies of Panorama- commentary by the UK Korean Friendship Association, Juche Idea Study Group of England and ASSPUK

On the 1st of August  2016 the BBC 1 flagship programme "Panorama " broadcast  "Inside north Korea" made by Rupert Wingfield-Hayes  who had been arrested  and expelled from the DPRK in May 2016  Of course this is not the first time that "Panorama" has slandered the DPRK , in 2013 despite numerous protests BBC Panorama broadcast "north Korea undercover" ( a very similar
title) made by John Sweeney who had entered the DPRK by deception(by a posing as an academic) . "Panorama " has a very long history of attacking socialist countries, anti-imperialist states and progressive causes. It is very much a propaganda mouthpiece, a megaphone for the capitalist ruling class of the UK.  There is a close relationship between the BBC and the British external intelligence service MI6. It was exposed a long time ago that in fact many BBC foreign correspondents are actually MI6 agents or work closely with it. Those working for the BBC are required to undergo the same level of security vetting as the Foreign Office this excludes communists and left wingers from working for the BBC. MI6 itself co-operates closely with the US CIA and the south Korean NIS ,so it is likely that this programme was made at their request.
   BBC reporters are usually from privilieged middle class backgrounds . They receive salaries of £47,000 per year and the following benefits; "Childcare vouchers,Health screening,Illness, personal accident or travel insurance,Private medical or dental cover,A big discount on a new bike for cycling to work,Monthly wine deliveries" Plus they might receive tax-free under the table payments from
other sources.
  Wingfield-Hayes spent some time covering the pro-imperialist "colour revolutions " in the middle east which were ochre stated by the Western media and saw the overthrow of some progressive and anti-imperialist governments such as that of Col Gadhafi. Wingfield-Hayes reporting on Palestine was criticised by pro Palestinian organisations.
   Not surprisingly in many ways Wingfield-Hayes programme was a rehash of Sweeney's earlier one , it relied heavily on the stale repetition of cliches and bare-faced propaganda lies. There was nothing
original or new  about Wingfield-Hayes programme, you could find most of what he said already in any publication or media outlet in the West. So much for "investigative journalism"
    Within the space of the first few minutes Wingfield-Hayes managed to trot out as many tired anti-DPRK propaganda cliches as possible such "isolated " , "impoverished  " etc ,etc. Of course this is the classic propaganda technique elaborated by Hitler's chief propagandist Josef Goebbels who said that if you repeat a lie enough times then people will accept it as true.By continually repeating untrue cliched assertions like "isolated "  and "impoverished" the BBC actually brainwash people.
   Wingfield-Hayes kept on about poverty in the DPRK, and yet in the UK impoverishment is on the increase.Did Wingfield-Hayes see any foodbanks in the DPRK ? Did he see any second-hand clothes shops?Any pawnbrokers ?The answer is a resounding No .Walking the streets of Pyongyang in October 2015 and April 2016 ,members of the UK KFA and Juche Idea Study Group of England did not see anyone begging and no one homeless or sleeping in shop doorways.Indeed in the DPRK people receive homes free of charge and food is distributed at low cost so that can be no such thing 
as poverty in the DPRK.
  The programme showed a lot of ignorance and political illiteracy. The Juche Idea was referred to 
as the 'Juche Ideal' by Wingfield-Hayes . He gave no analysis or explanation of the Juche Idea. In fact the Juche Idea is a deep philosophical concept that centres on the idea that man is the master of everything and is expressed in practical terms  as independence, self-sufficiency and self-defence.It is an idea that has gripped the hearts and minds of millions of people throughout the world and Juche Idea Study Groups exist in many countries throughout the world. Wingfield-Hayes stands in front of the statue of Kim Jong Il and but refers to it as being a statue  Kim Il Sung instead !What an idiot !
Wingfield-Hayes wrongly said that  the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea was the first one to be held for 40 years ,this is wrong it is 36 years .
   Our "intrepid reporter " claimed that he was going to take  a casual walk outside the guest house compound. In fact he was accompanied by a film crew so it was not a casual walk but actual filming.
In London people are required to get permission before they film anywhere.  The FilmLondon website states "Whatever location you are using, no matter how public it seems, it is likely you'll need to notify or get permission from somebody.
The impact of failing to inform relevant authorities could result in unnecessary police resources being deployed.". So Pyongyang is actually no different from London. Thus Wingfield-Hayes committed a transgression agains the socialist system of the DPRK and an hostile act by trying to film without prior permission.
    Wingfield-Hayes assumed the role of a paediatrician and claiming the ill children at The Okryu Hospital were all actors!!! This is a grave insult to the children and their parents , an insult to the Korean people and a slander on the socialist system!
  There were references to executions of high-ranking officials. In fact many of those reports such as the one about former chief of general staff of the Korean People's Army , Ri Yong Gil  , have been proved false. General Ri was elected to a position at the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, far from being dead ! . The only execution that took place was that of the traitor Jang Song Thaek in December 2013. This was a just measure as the traitor had been involved in corruption and was planning to overthrow the socialist system in the DPRK in concert with the US and south Korea and 
 a certain big power. The execution was necessary to defend the socialist system of the DPRK and the independence of the country.
     As one account of a visit to the DPRK states "  The imperialists claim that there are hundreds of thousands of people held in camps in the DPRK , such camps would have to be massive and with a huge number of guards but I did not see such a thing in the DPRK countryside. Moreover the DPRK is very peaceful and calm you rarely see emergency vehicles rushing through the busy streets. If it what the imperialists say about "human rights " and " forced labour camps " in the DPRK was true, then you would say police or security personnel on the streets arresting many people and putting them in lorries to go to "labour camps " or "concentrations camps " but I saw no such thing happen. I did not see heavily armed police on the streets that you sometimes encounter in London , either on the streets or at railway stations or at airports . Indeed I was able to go for a walk near the Mansudae Assemby Hall the home of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly  , the highest organ of legislative power in the DPRK and roughly equivalent to the parliament. Now in London the area around parliament is a restricted area where movement is controlled and armed police units patrol. However  in Pyongyang I see no police or security personnel in the area surrounding the Mansudae Assembly hall. Of course
the DPRK is a stable and harmonious unified society based on single hearted unity so there is no terrorism and no riots. In the DPRK there is unity between the  armed forces and civilians  so people do not fear or despise the armed forces..I did not see the police oppressing anyone on the streets . I did not see anyone get arrested or the police in the DPRK shoot anyone dead !  In the USA , the so called "land of the free "  , which is the country behind the clamour about " human rights in the DPRK , the police regularly shoot down people  most of them black. The British newspaper "The Guardian" said so far this year 944 people had been killed by police in the USA so far this  year ! . In the UK armed police units have been responsible for the loss of life notably innocent Brazilian electrician  Jean Charles De Menezes and Mark Duggan (which sparked the 2011 riots)
   Wingfield-Hayes received the best hospitality from the DPRK . He was put in the VIP Guest compound but instead of showing gratitude  repaid this good treatment by telling lies.
   Of course the most damning thing about Wingfield-Hayes was that he actually confessed  to lying and making up stories when he was arrested , In course of the programme he admitted that in 2003
he had entered the DPRK under false pretences pretending to a tourist and filmed covertly. Thus Wingfield-Hayes by his own admission does not tell the truth and practises lying and deception.
  No amount of propaganda from British imperialism will make the Korean People give up socialism. The task of UK KFA is now more vital than ever before, in exposing the lies and spreading the truth about Peoples Korea!!  Join us now in our fight to defend People's Korea !

Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Juche Idea Study Group of England.

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