Friday, 4 June 2021

Nonsensical Summit


Broad segments of south Koreans are critical of the south Korea-US summit meeting.

South Korean media sources passed criticism on the meeting that the meeting failed to set forth measures enough to satisfy north Korea which has demanded the withdrawal of the US hostile policy toward north Korea. 

The joint statement pointed out a total implementation of the UN sanctions resolution against north Korea and situation of human rights in north Korea which stimulate the nerve of north Korea. It would render the situation on the Korean Peninsula extremely tense, the south Korean media sources commented the joint statement with apprehension. 

The joint statement stipulates consolidation of south Korea-US joint defense posture and an offer of extended deterrence. It made it possible for the US to introduce strategic assets into south Korea and resume the joint military games. The joint statement casted a shadow over the way of mending inter-Korean and the DPRK-US relations, the analysts charged. 

South Korea had no particular gains from the summit meeting but fallen into debt. The meeting resulted in “empty talks” and south Korea would offer a colossal amount of blood tax collected from south Koreans to the US, the south Koreans of all social standings complained.

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