Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Swelling public condemnation

Swelling public condemnation


South Koreans of various circles cast the blame on recent south Korea-US summit meeting and joint statement.

It goes:

The south Korea-US summit meeting and the joint statement made no measure for the DPRK-US and inter-Korean dialogues. It specified items of north Korean human rights and implementation of sanctions resolution against north Korea which rattle the nerves of north Korea.

It pointed out the establishment of joint defense posture and resumption of south Korea-US joint military exercise only bedevil the situation of the Korean Peninsula.  

No phrase in favor of south Korea is seen in the joint statement.

It offered a big pocketbook to the US. For what did he go there?

It is an unprofitable business. He has nothing to say for himself.

South Korea got nothing from the summit meeting and has to offer stupendous amount of blood tax collected from the people to the US.  

It was a foolish act without any foresight.

He read face of other and was taken in by sugary words.

It was an absurd summit meeting as he returned with knotty problems in terms of diplomacy.  

The south Korean authorities’ diplomatic attitude is pitiable as they read faces of surrounding nations.


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