Sunday, 6 June 2021

The Ever Bright and Promising Future of the DPRK

We often witness the fact that the world people are in their own speculations and assertions in open-eyed wonders about an imposing appearance of the DPRK as socialist Korea of Juche.

How could the DPRK stand firm in defending socialism for not a few years but this staggering period of 70 years even amidst the unprecedented pressure by the anti-DPRK forces, manifold trials and the worst adversity which others would not withstand even for a few months or days?

There is a picture that gives an answer to this question.

It is the image of our trustworthy members of the Korean Children’s Union growing up vim-vigour-vitality, with red neckties flying on their chests, to be the pillars of the country with nothing to envy in the world under the care of our socialist fatherland.

Human society has seen lots of children’s organizations and unions. However, nowhere in the world can be found such an organization like the Korean Children’s Union, the “pedigree” organization that trains successors to the socialist cause who will firmly carry on the baton of revolution under the personal care of the leader.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, putting aside thousands of priorities of the Party and the state, personally attended the KCU Joint National Meeting and sent his love and trust blessing them to grow up to be supporting pillars of powerful Korea of the future. His clothes would get wet with sweat as he shifted the place for his photo session several times lest the photo to be taken with the KCU delegates would not come out well. He would not stand any neglect of convenience and interests of children. Such are his ardent love and fatherly feelings towards children, which moved them to tears of happiness.

Affection is thicker than blood and love is mightier than iron.

It was of that infinite might that enabled a nameless 14-year-old girl in a village in the northern tip of the country to bring out the portraits of the great generalissimos to a safe place at a critical moment of a landslide ending her life at so early an age. Likewise, many pupils, boys and girls are now being so fondly called as dear young instigators and young patriots dear to the hearts of the people and fatherland-the loving names endowed by the era at the major construction sites and workplaces.

Like this, a new generation of loyalty and patriotism is growing up strong and the revolution is carried on without any deviation as we hold in high esteem a great leader. Herein lies one of the secrets of our country advancing vigorously on the one road of socialism without knowing any failure and frustration even in the innumerable difficulties as well as the national strength of Juche Korea that others cannot possibly understand with simple experience or common sense.

This has become a commonplace in the world that many youngsters suffer from unfathomable contempt and agony falling victims to all social evils. They are also reduced to following the path of crime and degeneration causing social troubles.

“Carpe diem,” this extreme mercenary egoism and Money Talks way of life are embedded in the capitalist system. The youth and children have no future in this society as they are forsaken by it, no matter how it boasts of its wealth and civilization. Quite contrary to this, the socialist system faces a promising future as it spares no resources upbringing the youths and children to be the pillars of the future.

All the members of the Korean Children’s Union, now celebrating the 75th anniversary of its foundation, are now full of firm resolve to grow strong to be true sons and daughters of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un so that they could shoulder the future of the prosperous country,

Their dignified figures would demonstrate to the world the ever bright and promising future of Korea.

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