Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Channel A" of S. Korean Conservative Group Can Never Evade Divine Punishment

Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- Ri Kyong Ju released an article titled "Invective deserving divine punishment."

The full text of the article reads as follows:

"Channel A", ill-famed as rubbish media in south Korea, spouted rubbish inciting confrontation with the compatriots in the north on June 6.

Commenting on the situation of Belarus, it desperately stirred up hostility toward the compatriots in the north by focusing its criticism on them. It said Belarus earned a nickname "north Korea in Europe", things likely to happen in the north are witnessed there and Lukashenko's 27-year-long rule is reminiscent of the "dictatorship" in the north.

Such tongue-lashing deserves divine punishment.

There is a saying that a wolf hankers for sheep even at his last gasp.

It seems that those hell-bent on pursuing confrontation with the compatriots view even things happening on foreign soil thousands of kilometers away from the Korean peninsula as good excuses for backbiting the compatriots.

Such hysteria incurs extreme disillusion, disgust and anger.

I would like to ask the hacks of "Channel A" what they would say if someone calls south Korea the "51st state of the U.S.", just copying after them calling Belarus "north Korea in Europe".

And will they have any excuse if someone, upon hearing cases of irregularities and corruption and sexual assaults in a certain country, reviles at south Korea, saying one can witness more horrible things there.

"Channel A" which is apt to uttering lies and slander to disrupt the public must be a germ more harmful than coronavirus.

The south Korean society is truly a garbage ground as it houses such rubbish stinking up the whole world, away from its inherent mission to impart fact and truth.

The south Korean authorities have not come to their senses, though they had been warned to hold strict control of the conservative media.

Our people have already passed death sentence on "Channel A" as it, of all the conservative media of south Korea, has most actively engaged in the crime of making vituperative language against the DPRK.

Every sin brings punishment with it.

The dirty mouthpiece cozying up to the conservative group can not escape punishment. -0-

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