Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Pent-up anger on Japan

Pent-up anger on Japan


Japan marked Dok islet as its territory on the homepage of the organizing committee of Tokyo Olympic Games.

It has the impudence to justify its claim by saying Takeshima is a territory of Japan from point of historical fact and international law and it would take a cool and dauntless attitude.

It is a manifestation of wicked intention of Japan to make an illicit use of the Olympic Games for its ambition to grab Dok islet. It shows Japan’s intention of aggression remains unchanged. 

From point of history, geography and international law, Dok islet is an inviolable territory of Korea. The Japanese old document recorded the islet belongs to Korea. Public recognition is high in Japan.

It is the height of shameless nature that Japan persistently claims dominium over Dok islet.

Civil organizations and broad segments of south Koreans strongly denounce Japan’s claim on Dok islet.

Japan’s claim is little short of the declaration of a war against Korea, south Korea should frustrate Japan’s move at the germinal stage, they asserted. They are launching petition for absence from the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Students and the Progressive Federation of University Students held a rally outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul to burn the flag of rising sun shedding rays in effigy

The south Koreans will never tolerate Japan’s insatiable ambition for seizure of Dok islet and resolutely foil it.


In condemnation of Japan’s ambition for seizure of Dok islet

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