Tuesday, 8 June 2021

A pain in the neck


Broad spectrum of south Koreans voice opposition to scheduled south Korea-US joint military exercise in August.

Stop joint military exercise detrimental to stability of the nation and peace of the Korean Peninsula, the Youth and Students Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration claimed .

At a news conference, a civil organization demanded dismantlement of subordinate south Korea-US alliance and discontinuance of military maneuver against the same nation. It strongly demanded stoppage of the scheduled south Korea-US joint military exercise in August.

South Korean internet homepages carry these articles:

The resumption of joint military exercise would push the situation of the Korean Peninsula to a uncontrollable phase, the joint military drill drives he situation in the Korean Peninsula to the doorstep of explosion, the scheduled military game in August would evaporate the last chance for repairing inter-Korean ties, it is useless to conduct the military game in the situation of Covid-19 crisis and stop the joint military rehearsal aggravating the situation, wrecking peace and freezing inter-Korean relations.

If the military exercise is conducted, the situation of the Korean Peninsula would freeze again and all efforts for resuming the DPRK-US and inter-Korean dialogues would come to naught, analysts commented

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