Tuesday, 8 June 2021

An awkward diplomatic situation


Of late, south Koreans of all social standings and media outlets claim that the south Korean authorities’ diplomatic position is in a great quandary after the end of south Korea-US summit meeting. .

The decision on conclusion of missile guideline at the summit meeting is not the restoration of national sovereignty but a big subordination. The south Korean authorities paid no regard to consequence to be entailed by it, busying themselves to curry favor with the US. In actuality, the decision gave a green light to the US hostile policy toward north Korea and implementation of the Asia-Pacific strategy. It specified the range of missile but strong hostility to and pressure on north Korea and neighboring countries are latent in it, experts in foreign affairs noted.

With the decision, south Korea will be involved in strategy of the US which is going to deploy intermediate-range missiles aiming at neighboring countries. It is inevitable that exorbitant amount of fund of south Korea is dissipated in carrying out for the US strategy. It is clear that it would add wings to the destitution of people's livelihood.  It would be noxious to the people, pro-unification and civil bodies charged.

It is a matter of grave concern that the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding nations will be locked in a hot nuclear arms race with the decision. The south Korean authorities have no alternative in case the neighboring nations generate backlash in terms of extension of missile range. The south Korean authorities will be driven into a pretty fix, the mass sources commented.

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