Sunday, 6 June 2021

Declaration of abolition of NSL

Declaration of abolition of NSL


On June, 1, the People’s Action for Abolition of National Security Law made public a declaration in the name of civil organizations and 196 elders of the religious circles in demand of abolition of the NSL at a press conference in Seoul.

They said that democracy, human rights, inter-Korean reconciliation and reunification of the Korean Peninsula are inconceivable without abolition of the NSL.

The NSL is the anti-reunification law defining north Korea as the enemy and regarding efforts for inter-Korean reconciliation as the enemy-benefitting act. Since still yet, it serves as the draconian law against the human rights which restricts freedom of ideology and expression. They urged the National Assembly to abolish the NSL. 



South Koreans denounce the authorities’ pressure on people



A press conference in demand of abolition of the NSL


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