Saturday, 5 June 2021

Genuine Socialist System Legally Guaranteeing Child Rights

It is the consistent policy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to attach great importance to children and prioritize their rights and interests.

Our children, the future of the country, are under legal protection of the Socialist Constitution, the Law on the Protection and Promotion of Children’s Rights, the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children and the Law on General Education.

Articles of the Socialist Constitution including Articles 45~47, 49, 77 of Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 spell out the principled matters of particularly protecting the children by implementing various social policies such as free medical care and universal compulsory education.

Defining that the children have the legal status as the future of the country and the reserves of socialist construction, who will shoulder the future destiny of the country, the Law on the Protection and Promotion of Children’s Right stipulates in detail all matters of ensuring the children’s rights such as the state’s preferential provision of the best things necessary for their health, education and life to the children on the principle of “Best Things to Children!”.

The Sixth Session of 12th Supreme People’s Assembly held in September, 2012, adopted the Law on Enforcing Universal Compulsory Twelve-Year Education, taking the measure to innovate the previous Compulsory Eleven-Year Education System and fixing it as a legal obligation to constantly consolidate the material and technical foundations of education by systemically increasing investment in the sector of education on the basis of the Law on General Education.

Also, the Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children makes it mandatory to take care of the children of preschool age in nurseries and kindergartens at the state and public expense.

Under the socialist system in which the child rights are guaranteed on a legal basis, our children are treated as the king of the country and growing up happily.

Children have been enjoying the benefits of free medical care ever since their birth in numerous medical service facilities including, among others, Pyongyang Maternity Hospital called the babies’ palace and Okryu Children’s Hospital, the modern and comprehensive health facility, growing up at full state expense during the periods from nursery and kindergarten to secondary general education.

The education of the rising generation has been prioritized as important state affairs, the educational facilities and environment renovated as required by the developing reality and over 210 extracurricular educational facilities such as school children’s palaces, school children’s halls and children’s camps were built across the country – all these actively promoting the sound mental and physical health and development of our children.

A number of children are growing up into distinguished talents, achieving remarkable successes of successively winning world academic contests and international concours in recent years.

Indeed, thanks to the benefits of the superior socialist policies and the protection of the genuine socialist legal system, our children are enjoying all rights including the rights to life and development as much as they want and growing up to be the masters and pillars of the country.

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