Friday, 4 June 2021

Four year-long dependence on other


South Koreans from all walks of life commented that the south Korean authorities’ four year-long policy towards north Korea ended in a standstill, failure and setback.

The south Korean authorities missed a golden opportunity of its policy toward north Korea in the days of power, reading face of Washington. They have made no progress, in the end, inter-Korean relations came to a rupture, pro-unification organizations charged.

The south Korean authorities, without a fixed views of its own, yielded under pressure of the US clamoring for “south Korea-US cooperation”.  They were bounded by the South Korea-US Working Group and failed to repair inter-Korean relations, placing their vague hope on the US, they criticized. 

Experts on north Korea passed harsh criticism on the south Korean authorities that cooperation with the US escalated inter-Korean political and military showdown.  

They conducted joint military exercise with the US, regardless of inter-Korean declarations which stipulate a complete cessation of hostilities. They purchased many US-made latest weaponry than the past conservative regimes by earmarking millions of US$ for military expenditure. It puts inter-Korean ties into the lowest ebb, they analyzed.    

The south Korean authorities did not stop the scatter of leaflets by the north Korean defector groups. It facilitated the retreat of inter-Korean ties to before 2018, they noted. 

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