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Juche Korea truly follows people-orientated policies-by Dr Dermot Hudson

Visiting the Democratic People's Republic of Korea from the 6th of September to the 13th of September I learnt that the DPRK, Juche Korea is pursuing the people-oriented policy. This is not a mere slogan but the reality of Juche Korea
  Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said  at the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea that "It is important to apply the people-first principle thoroughly in all aspects of Party work.
    Applying the people-first principle is the intrinsic demand of our Party, which is struggling for the sake of the masses of the people and conducting its activities by relying on them.
    All the work and activities of the Party should be conducted with the masses of the people at the centre. The climate of believing in the strength of the people and depending on them should pervade the whole Party, and the main thrust of Party work should be directed at promoting the people's well-being."

 The present reality of Juche Korea indeed bears this out. The DPRK is truly striving unde the guidance of dear respected Marrhsla KIM JONG UN to implement people-orientated policies
    Along with the other delegates to the International Seminar on the Juche for Anti-Imperialism , Independence and Solidarity I visited the Pyongyang Orphans School on the outskirts of Pyongyang  on Wednesday 7th of September .This school has been recently constructed under the leadership of supreme leader respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , a true people's leader .This school is located on the outskirts of Pyongyang .It was truly amazing. As our bus drove into the school a huge football pitch came into view . In the UK now many schools no longer have football pitches or sports grounds because these had been sold off to property developers.

      The school which was very clean and free from vandalism and graffiti unlike English schools.
The school is a three storeyed building with 21 classrooms.There were up to date laboratories and all kinds of facilities .There is an anti-imperialist class education room to teach the pupils about the the nature of capitalism and imperialism. Of course this a must as anti-imperialist education in socialist society in order to prevent ideological and cultural infiltration by imperialism and bourgeois corruption. The school had its own large-size indoor swimming pool .

In the UK such a thing would only exist in a private school where the fees can be easily up to £36,000 !. There was also a multi-use sports hall which could be used for all kinds of different sports. The dining room was truly palatial more like the dining room of a hotel or restaurant than a school. We also saw the kitchen which was clean and hygienic.It was also well stocked with food proving that the stories about "famine" , "starvation " and "food shortage" in the DPRK are false.
    In the UK and other capitalist countries there are Children's Homes and Orphanages but these are dark fearful places where  the children are abused in all kinds of ways both physical and sexual abuse. Childrens homes in the UK are notorious for paedophile scandals such as the Kincora
Boys Home case in northern Ireland and the Elm Guest House child abuse scandal. In the UK orphans are treated like outcasts and orphans often becoming unemployed and homelesss when they
grew up. However in Juche Korea led by respected Marshal KIM JONG UN they have been given the best school. The reactionary imperialist media likes to talk about the "elite " in People's Korea but there is no such thing , the only elite in the DPRK if there is one is the orphans who have this wonderful school that is equal to elite private schools in the UK that are attended  members of the Royal Family , the aristocracy and the bourgeosie !
    Juche Korea is carrying out massive housing construction for the people. Houses are built at state expense and given free of charge to the people. This is a dream to Londoners . Flats in central
London can be anything up to a £1 million to buy plus service charges and ground rent  or £600 per week (£31,000 per year) to rent . I was able to see the construction site of Ryomyong street with
70 storey high buildings  which looked very futuristic
During the period of my visit the Central Committee of the Workers' Party took the decision to postpone the completion of Ryomyong Street in order to prioritise the recovery from flood damage in the north western region of the country . This was a wise decision  as well as a true manifestion of the people-orientated policies of the great Workers' Party of Korea and respected Marshal KIM JONG UN.

  Another fine example of the people-orientated policy was the newly reconstructed Pyongyang Central Zoo. I had visited this in the 19993 and in 2012 but this time it was far bigger .It had an entrance in the shape of a tigers mouth. The Zoo has all the latest facilities including a nature museum and a "Sea World " type centre where you can see fish swimming about . Really amazing. It it also equipped with electric cars to ferry people around the Zoo as it is quite large. My guide  Ms Ri told me that the Zoo is virtually free of charge whereas in London an adult ticket for the Zoo is £25.45p rising to £28.10 for a ticket including a donation  and £32 for a "fast track ticket " , for an old age pensioner the price is £22 and £18 for a children .Basically working class people in the UK are
excluded from culture and recreation , whereas in People's Korea of Juche culture is accessble to all.
   Pyongyang boasts of many threates such as the Pyongyang Grand Theatre, East Pyongyang Grand Theatre, the People's Theatre in Changjon Street , the Moranbong Theatre and the Pyongwha Art Theatre.Probably Pyongyang has more theatre seats per capita than London.I was able to enjoy a
splendid art peformance in the Pyongwha Art Theatre on DPRK National Day on September 9th.The performance was splendid ,it showed the superiority of Juche-based culture. I watched  a circus performance which was enjoyable as well which was of high quality .
   In Juche Korea people are able to pursue all kinds of cultural and recreational pursuits as well as to socialise properly  . However the reality of the UK is that many people just stay alone in their homes  either watching the TV or using the internet.People in the UK lead miserable lives as they are afflicted by poverty , depression , drug addiction , alcoholism ,loneliness and family breakdown . The capitalist media like to portray the DPRK in a very negative light and twist all kinds of things. The reality is the capitalist societies such as the UK and US that are dark societies full of misery.
   I witnessed that  that Juche Korea led by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is truly following
people-orientated policies.The Korean people are rushing forward at Mallima speed to build a socialist people's paradise.
Dr Dermot Hudson
President ASSPUK
Chairman JISGE
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK.
Chairman  UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu

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