Wednesday, 5 October 2016

100,000 Arms Associated with High Internationalist Fidelity

One spring day in 1946 in the height of war for the liberation of northeastern China President Mao Tse-tung sent his special envoy to Korea while groping a solution of the shortage of arms at the time.
The great President Kim Il Sung met the special envoy warmly and was briefed from him the current state of affairs of the Chinese revolution. Then he expressed his inclination of approval on their demand to the utmost.
After seeing off the special envoy he called the officials concerned to consult the matter.
He said: Now the Chinese revolution is in danger. We cannot sit back and watch. So I think to give China 100,000 arms free of charge.
They were stunned. It means the amount can arm 100,000 soldiers. It was an extraordinary determination in the current state of Korea which just started the building of the state.
In particular, the arms of that amount in Korea just liberated (August 15, 1945) was worth anything else in the world in the preparation of the founding of regular armed forces.
He said warmly: Revolutionaries must be faithful not only in their own revolution, but also in the world revolution. When the Chinese revolutionaries undergo difficulties, we have to help their revolution sincerely.
As a result, a military train loaded with 100,000 arms permeated with his internationalist fidelity ran to northeastern China in the thick of the war.

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