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Speech of Dr Dermot Hudson to the Online Meeting of UK KFA and British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea for celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the foundation of the DPRK

 On the 9th of September 1948 72 years ago , the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , a Juche-orientated socialist state , was born.  Now in its eight decade , the DPRK has proved to be a most durable socialist state.

  The foundation of the DPRK was the birth of a new state of Juche in the far east ! The DPRK was the first people's democracy in Asia, a new kind of people's power. With the foundation of the DPRK the Korean people took power in their own hands.

For centuries the Korean people had endured the dark and oppressive rule of feudalism.The Korean farmers worked hard day and night but the fruits of their labour were stolen by greedy  parasitic feudal landlords. Worse still thanks to the flunkeyism of the incompetent and corrupt feudal rulers , . Korea became a colony of Japan in 1910 and the Korean people suffered the worst ever oppression under the darkest and barbaric rule of Japanese imperialism. It is worth remembering that imperialist Japan was an axis power, an ally of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy.After liberation in 1945 people's committees were set up and important democratic reforms such as a thoroughgoing land reform which gave land to the hard-working , toil-hardened , honest farmers free of charge. It became the demand of the times to found a Democratic People's Republic to represent the aspirations of the Korean people and build socialism.

    The DPRK inherited the proud traditions of the anti-Japanese revolutionary armed struggle led by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG.Indeed the anti-Japanese revolutionary armed struggle is the root of the DPRK.                                                        

      The foundation of the DPRK was a powerful inspiration to the oppressed peoples of the world ,groaning under imperialist oppression, in their struggle for independence and national liberation. It was also a great inspiration to the international proletariat advancing towards socialism .

    The DPRK under the wise leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung fully completed the tasks of the anti-imperialist, anti- feudal democratic revolution in a short space of time and switched over to the socialist revolution proving the validity of the Juche-orientated theory on continuous revolution.The DPRK is not a replica of another country and pursues independent Juche-orientated policies. It is based firmly on the principles of independence, self-sufficiency and self-defence. As great generalissimo KIM JONG IL said "Our Republic is an independent socialist State that absolutely maintains its Juche character and thoroughly preserves its national identity in its development and activities.

  The Juche character and national identity are the independence and lifeline of a country, a nation and the masses of the people. The struggle of the masses for independence is waged with the country and nation as a unit, so the party, the government and the masses of each country should conduct the revolution and construction independently and creatively as masters."

   Indeed the DPRK is known by friend and foe as the most independent state in the world.

    The DPRK did not copy other models but ploughed ahead along the path of Juche , the path of independence  defying all those who either wanted  to crush the new state or to impose their will on it. The very name Democratic People's Republic itself showed the independence of Juche Korea. Some had insisted on the title of "People's Republic " and others "Democratic Republic " but the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG said that the new country should be called the Democratic People#s Republic .Some crazy factionalists tried to insist that the new Korea should be a republic of the USSR but comrade KIM IL SUNG swept this nonsense aside .The DPRK resolved to be independent  and voted for both US and Soviet troops to be withdrawn from Korea . So in 1948 the Soviet troops withdrew  but the US troops in south Korea have stayed in south Korea to this very day. The US troops have been in south Korea  75 years now which is 75 years too long !

    The DPRK rejected membership of the old Council For Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA or COMECON as it is known in the West ), which had been set up by the old Soviet union , and membership of the Warsaw Pact .Not one soldier from another country is stationed on the land of the DPRK and no other country can control the DPRK's ICBMs.

    Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN pointed out that  "Our socialism is an independent socialism strong in the Juche character and national identity.

The Juche character is the nature of socialism, and independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defence are the road to achieving the eternal victory and prosperity of our style of socialism. Independent politics makes it possible to formulate lines and policies in keeping with the fundamental principles of the revolution and the people’s demand for and interests in independence and consistently implement them however difficult and complicated the situation may be, so as to lead the revolution and construction to victory, and to exercise complete sovereignty and equal rights in the external relations so as to exalt the dignity and might of the country. The self-supporting national economy and Juche-oriented national culture enable us to break through the cutting edge and build a scientific and technological power, a knowledge-based economic power, in the 21st century by dint of our strength, technology and resources, and to usher in a new golden age of culture and the arts. The self-reliant defence capabilities with the Korean People’s Army as the core reliably defend the socialist motherland from imperialist aggression, provide a definite military guarantee for the building of a thriving nation and ensure peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the rest of Asia."


    Under the wise leadership of President KIM IL SUNG  the DPRK created a people-centred socialist system in which there is no exploitation and oppression .The improvement of the people's living standards is the supreme principle of state activity and this is underpinned by legalisation.The DPRK  introduced free medical care and free education. It abolished taxation in 1974. The DPRK is a people's paradise.As the great eternal leader President KIM IL SUNG  said "Our people are now enjoying fully independent and creative lives in the embrace of the Republic, as masters of the state and society.

In our country all the people exercise their full rights to independence through their active participation in the political life of the state. They are adding lustre to their worthwhile lives through their creative struggle to achieve the high aim set by the Party, helping and leading each other forward, closely united on the basis of revolutionary constancy and comradeship. All the material and cultural needs, such as food, clothing, and housing, are met by the state, which also provides them with secure jobs according to their abilities. They are leading equally happy lives, receiving the benefits of free education, free medical care and so on from the state and society."

Today People's Korea is one of the few countries in the world free from Covid 19  thanks to the wise policies of the DPRK government and Workers' Party of Korea headed by the  respected Marshal KIM JONG UN .  Today the DPRK is marching ahead holding high the banner of Juche , the banner of self-reliance bravely defying the sanctions of the imperialist hostile forces.

   The DPRK will surely win the final victory !

Dr Dermot Hudson

Chairman of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea 

Chairman  UK Korean Friendship Association

President of the Association for the Study of Songun Politic

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