Wednesday, 9 September 2020

DPRK guided through by independent politics

 From the Pyongyang Times

Independence can be said to be a political philosophy typifying the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The DPRK has advanced along the road of independence since its foundation on September 9 1948.

Once Commander Kim Il Sung met a senior official of the former Soviet Union during the anti-Japanese war.

The senior official asked him what kind of assistance the Soviet Union could give to Korea. Then Kim Il Sung declined the offer, saying the Korean people were going to build their country by their own efforts to the best of their ability.

This idea of self-reliance later served as a guideline in the building of a new Korea.

The Korean people built their country, neither within the framework of set theories nor by studying other’s face, as they solved all problems by their own efforts in conformity with the specific situation of their country.

They implemented agrarian reform, nationalized major industries, established sex equality and carried out all other democratic reforms in keeping with the actual conditions of the country, and cooperativized agriculture by transforming relations of production along socialist lines while effecting the socialist transformation of private trade and industry after the Fatherland Liberation War, not by copying any other country nor by finding solutions in the propositions of any foreign great men or established theories.

When joining the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance was all the rage among socialist states, the DPRK steadily adhered to the line of building a self-reliant national economy and developed into an independent socialist industrial state in a short span of time.

The 1990s was a period of trying ordeals to the DPRK.

When the Koreans were at a crossroads of whether to remain as an independent people and independent guard and emerge victor or to be reduced to a slave of the imperialists again, the DPRK invariably held aloft the banner of independence to defend socialism with honour and clinched brilliant victories.

Today the DPRK enjoys unprecedentedly high prestige.

In the face of appalling hardship which might have compelled others to collapse, the country has undertaken the large construction projects in a big way by relying on its scientific and technological forces in order to realize the dream and ideal of the people, causing great surprise in the world.

The Korean people, who are greeting the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the DPRK full of confidence in and optimism for the future, are now full of a firm resolve to build a powerful socialist country with their own efforts and intelligence as masters of their destiny in the future, too.


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