Sunday, 13 September 2020

Go to Japan!


Go to Japan!


A few days ago, south Korean people from all social standings had a press conference to condemn the conservative group impeding the process of liquidation of the pro-Japanese elements outside the office building of the People Power Party (successor to the United Future Party).

 They denounced that the conservative groups which have made a “hero” of the pro-Japanese traitors to the nation and put a brake on the efforts to liquidate the pro-Japanese elements, picking on remarks of the head of the liberation society.

The head of liberation society had censured that the south Korea is the only country that failed to liquidate the traitors to the nation.



Saying the liquidation of pro-Japanese elements is a task of the times which brooks no moment's delay, we should complete the liquidation of pro-Japanese group with nationwide efforts, they stressed.

At the end of the press conference, they shouted slogans “The People Power Party, be cautious of your tongue!” and “The People Power Party, go to Japan”.


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