Sunday, 13 September 2020

Commentary of AINDF Spokesman-On US bio-warfare plans in south Korea .


It has been revealed that the US forces in south Korea has a plan to make a chemical and biological experiments.

It is a continuity of the “Jupiter Plan”, a scenario of biochemical warfare mapped out by the US forces in south Korea.

It is contrary to the US forces’ advertisement of discontinuance of germ and biochemical experiments, in the past the US army dusted gaseous samples by using ventilator and conducted experiments of detection of them with equipment of germ warfare. It is confirmed that the shipment of samples of biochemical carriers is feasible, civil organizations of various circles claimed.   

The US arrogance is attributable to unequal relations between Seoul and Washington and the presence of the US troops in south Korea, the US germ unit should be withdrawn at once, they said.

 The current situation tells that the US forces in south Korea does not regard the south Korean people's lives worth those of flies and rolls up its sleeves to turn south Korea into its testing ground for germ warfare and advanced base for biochemical war. It also shows that the US makes the use of biochemical weapons an established fact and girds itself for preparations. 

The world is in a ferment by rapid spread of COVID-19. The US is the source of trouble not a “friendly nation” or “"blood-tied" alliance”.

However, the south Korean authorities have kept their mouths shut.

In actuality, the south Korean authorities’ attitude to the US is no better than approval of the experiments and it is a treacherous act stoking unethical crimes of the US army.

The south Korean people of every degree are required to wage a dynamic drive to withdraw the US forces from south Korea and root out the pro-US boot licking elements in south Korea.


September 5, 2020

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