Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Disgraceful history of occupation


It has been 75 years since the US occupied south Korea illegally.

The US troops have inflicted intolerable miseries and pains upon the south Korean people after the liberation of Korea.

In retrospect, the history of the Yankee’s occupation of south Korea is the one of crimes dotted with infringement of national sovereignty and hideous crimes.

The US army has committed fiendish barbarities such as massacre, murder, robbery, rape and violence against the south Korean people from the first day when they set their bloodstained jackboots in south Korea.

The number of criminal acts of the US army stands at 2 000 cases in a year, five cases per day on an average, after the humiliating and unequal status-of-forces agreement was signed.

National division still persists and peace has not yet settled on the peninsula owing to the US occupation of south Korea for 75 years. The Korean Peninsula has never been free from the constant danger of war.

The US has resorted to all sorts of despicable moves to realize its strategy for swallowing up the Korean Peninsula and domination over Asia, taking advantage of the peninsula as a springboard. It has exhausted every possibility to promote its national interests by perpetuating the division of Korea.

 The annual south Korea-US joint war exercises such as Key Resolve, Foal Eagle and Ssangyong are preliminary and nuclear test war to light the fuse of a war against north Korea from A to Z.

Not long ago, the US and the south Korea screwed up military tension on the Korean Peninsula by conducting the joint military drill.

The pain of divided nation and potential danger of war, the miserable plight of the people, constant damage caused by the occupation army and traitorous acts of the pro-US boot licking elements in south Korea, this is the true picture of south Korea.

 The south Korean people are all out in the vigor

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