Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland - 72nd Anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was created September 9th, 1948 (Juche 37) 

The young republic got to work under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG who would create a republic that to this day holds the true value of Socialism under the application of the Juche Idea. 

In the south of Korea living conditions were terrible with most people barely existing due to the corruption and the occupation of a foreign hostile force who still forces its way onto the Korean people from the south.  

Under President KIM IL SUNG the young republic of People’s Korea had created living conditions that were seen by many in the south as a paradise, and indeed it is today a workers paradise where the worker is in charge of the country. 

To quote President KIM IL SUNG “The people are my god” This type of leadership and the proletarian in charge of the country makes the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the country it is today. 

Throughout the years People’s Korea has faced many challenges from hostile forces and inhumane sanctions against people who just want to work, defend and prosper their country together as one. 

The Juche Idea is what makes the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea an unbreakable country, which stands on it’s own two feet without the use of outside help thus achieving real independence. President KIM IL SUNG said on December 16th, 1967 (Juche 56) “Only when a nation builds an independent national economy can it secure political independence, make it’s country rich, strong and advanced, and achieve national prosperity. 

Economic independence is the material foundation for political independence. A country which is economically dependant on outside forces becomes a political satellite of other  

countries ; an economically subjected nation cannot free itself from the colonial slavery politically” 

If you look at the national emblem of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea you will clearly see the foundations proudly showing. These foundations are Mount Paektu, the Red ribbon shows the unity and foundation of existence of the country under the single hearted unity of the Leader, Party and masses as one. The hydroelectric power station shows the heavy industry in People’s Korea which symbolizes the self sufficient and self supporting economy of People’s Korea. The ears of Rice represent the rich Socialist agriculture. 

We wish good health, good luck and our highest regards to the People of Korea. 




Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland    

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