Friday, 2 September 2016

Spreading actions against THAAD deployment

Spreading actions against THAAD deployment
A rally took place in Kimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province with more than 1 000 residents attending as the south Korean Ministry of Defense proposed for a substitute site for THAAD deployment.
In their resolution, they strongly opposed the deployment of American THAAD.
Kimcheon residents asserted that their vital rights would be threatened and reexamination of third site would cause regional friction, if THAAD are deployed in Seongju golf course near Kimcheon.
140 000 Kimcheon citizens including 2 000 residents near the golf links said that they were sleepless at the thought of THAAD deployment, adding they would never tolerate the deployment of THAAD.
Religionists of Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism and Won Buddhism from Daejeon, Sejong and the South Chungcheong Province held a joint press conference for peace on the Korean Peninsula in Daejeon on August 24.
Speakers, in the press conference, said that had the religionists who value peace keep silent on the deployment of THAAD that disturbs peace and invites a war, the prospects of the Korean Peninsula would be further gloomy.
The south Korean authorities have paid lip-service to unconditional harsh policy towards north Korea as if it is the only countermeasure for peace, finally, they produced a commotion across south Korea by allowing the deployment of THAAD for America, they censured.
A statement was issued in the press conference.
Now the Korean Peninsula is dragged into a new cold war owing to the decision on THAAD deployment and only the Korean would suffer damage from it, it noted.
The statement stressed that they sharply protest against the deployment of THAAD ballooning the danger of a new war and worsening the people’s livelihood.
Candlelight rallies are taking place across south Korea including Seoul, Incheon, Daejeon, Gwangju, Busan, Ulsan and Daegu in protest against THAAD deployment

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