Saturday, 17 September 2016

Park Geun Hye Group Accused of Their Crimes

  Pyongyang, September 17 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Measure Council for Human Rights in South Korea Saturday made public a white paper to disclose the hideous crimes the Park Geun Hye group have committed by turning south Korea into a veritable hell and human rights tundra.
    The tyrannical rule under the pretext of security, intelligence and terror was revived by Park Geun Hye in south Korea to wantonly trample down the political freedom of the people and their democratic rights, the white paper said, and went on:
    As soon as she became boss of Chongwadae through all sorts of intrigues, Park let the remnants of the "yusin" regime and her confidants hold important posts of repressive machines such as the puppet Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Justice, prosecution and police and buckled down to reviving lots of fascist laws and establishing the one-man dictatorship.
    She threw people of various circles in south Korea aspiring after social progress, reform and reunification behind bars on charges of violation of the "Security Law" (SL) after labeling them "the forces following the north" and "the forces against social system" and cracked down on the peaceful rallies and demonstrations of the people demanding vital rights by terming them "illegal."
    According to the downsized data opened to public by the puppet security authorities, the number of suspected violators of SL indicted in the first year of the Park's office increased 30 percent over that in the same period of traitor Lee Myung Bak's office.
    South Korea has turned into a tundra and barren land of human rights in which a handful of those in power and the privileged maltreat the popular masses as no more than animals in wanton violation of their dignity and rights and force them into modern-day slave life.
    The privileged and the rich who account for just 1 percent of the population in south Korea treat toiling masses holding 99 percent of it as dogs and pigs and resort to high-handed and arbitrary practices, corruption and irregularities.
    According to doctored information released by the puppet Ethics Committee of Public Officials in March, average property of Park Geun Hye showed a growth of 1 billion won in the past three years and seven out of ten public officials were reported to have increased their properties than last year.
    The people under the absolute poverty line who fail to earn the lowest living expenses due to all kinds of financial burdens including huge doctor's fee, education fee and registration fee number more than 5.7 million.
    Over 8.5 million families or 47 percent of the population live in rented houses, cabin rooms, plastic sheet houses, huts and underground shacks and prices of commodities jumped at a yearly average of 15 percent, threatening the livelihood of people with each passing moment.
    Lots of minor entrepreneurs and workers who staked their fate on the north-south economic cooperation are now at the crossroads of life and death as the Park Geun Hye group is persistently refusing to comply with their demand for the damages caused by the shutdown of the Kaesong Industrial Zone.
    All sorts of maltreatment and discrimination against weak social strata including women, the old and the people with disabilities top the world list.
    A great number of workers suffer from modern-day slave labor at construction sites devoid of elementary labor safety measures.
    South Korea is torn with all sorts of disasters and misfortune.
    Last year alone, 2 740 marine ship accidents occurred which is twice that in 2012, leaving 112 persons dead or missing.
    Over 50 various big accidents occurred in less than one year and a half since Park took office.
    For the past three years of her office 215 000 traffic accidents were reported on a yearly average and casualties numbered more than 333 000.
    The Park Geun Hye group's crimes found a vivid manifestation in the MERS case that turned south Korea into a serious mayhem in May last year.
    In those days the epidemic lasted for more than 200 days, infecting 186 persons, leaving 38 dead and putting over 16 000 in quarantine.
    South Koreans are suffering from growing pain and disaster owing to the frantic north-targeted war drills staged by the U.S. imperialists and puppet forces in various parts of south Korea.
    Last year the Park group turned the whole of south Korea into a theatre of biochemical warfare by conniving at and fostering the criminal moves of the U.S. imperialists to illegally introduce anthracite germ. This year it decided to deploy THAAD in south Korea, committing such sycophancy towards the U.S. as offering it as a U.S. nuclear outpost for dominating Asia.
    Youth and children are groaning in despair and pain without any dream and hope for the future in the south Korean society,
    A total of 70 000 students of primary, secondary and high schools leave campuses every year due to the sky-rocketing school expenses. Over 80 percent of university students have to do day labor to manage to pay registration fee and even allow themselves to be guinea pigs.
    The jobless rate of young people is 34.2 percent, an all-time high.
    The number of young people who failed to get jobs after graduating from universities last year increased 4.7 percent compared with that in 2014 and the number of young workers who failed to receive even the lowest wage among the youngsters aged 15-29 increased by 200 000 over that in 2011.
    Young people among the delinquents involved in the crimes committed by the organizations ill-famed for all kinds of crimes, violence and swindles account for more than 80 percent and the rate of young suicide tops the world list.
    The way for the south Korean people to get rid of the veritable hell is to throw overboard the Park group of traitors reigning over the people and bleeding them white, bring down the rotten and ailing exploiting system and build a new society for the people, the white paper concluded. -0-

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