Thursday, 15 September 2016

Genuine People’s Fatherland

Genuine People’s Fatherland
Everyone in the world has his own fatherland.
What is the meaning of fatherland?
Is it a native place where the ancestral graveyard locates?
Striking realities of north and south Korea give the answer to the question.
In south Korea there is nothing of its own except for submission and the Yankees assume a proprietary air. It has already turned into the hellish society.
The successive rulers of south Korea have adopted the flunkeyism of worshipping, fearing and submitting to America as a national policy and made south Korea the colony of the US. The lives of millions of south Korean people have become plaything of foreign forces’ interests. South Korea is Eden for outsiders and puppet henchmen but the majority of the people desire to leave there even by committing suicide. That’s why the south Koreans do not regard south Korea as their fatherland.
The allegation of “de jure government” of the south Korean ruinous regime, that was framed up for and by the foreign forces, does not hold any water.
The genuine fatherland of all Korean people is the DPRK that has been developed into a people’s state under the leadership of the peerless great persons of Mt. Paektu.
It was a long-cherished desire of the Korean nation to live in the invincible and independent land where the worthy life and welfare of all generations to come would be ensured and no enemy dares provoke.
President Kim Il Sung, the sun of the nation, founded the powerful state to put an end to the disgraceful history stained with flunkeyism and submission.
During the anti-Japanese struggle, he gave origin to the people’s government. After liberation, there was the danger that the division of the nation would be perpetuated owing to the machinations of the US. In the intricate days, he rallied all patriotic people into a single force with broad magnanimity to smash the maneuvers of the US and founded the genuine people’s state, the fatherland of all Korean people representing the general will of the nation.
Since then, under the wise leadership of the prominent leader, the powerful socialist DPRK centered on the people has demonstrated the stamina of the nation by holding fast to its independent position in the international arena where the arbitrariness of the imperialists and dominationists prevails.
The DPRK, the land of Juche, founded by the President has been built up as an invincible socialist paradise under the guidance of Leader Kim Jong Il who is identical with the President.
The Korean people and the world reverentially call the patriotic devotion of the Leader who put his heart and soul for the land and people Kim Jong Il’s patriotism.
The great patriotic spirit is succeeded.
Chairman Kim Jong Un is materializing the desire of the President and Leader to build a thriving country. Under his wise leadership, pushing aside obstructions of the enemies, in a matter of less than 5 years the DPRK has made miracles unprecedented in 5000-year-long history to register eye-opening successes for lasting prosperity of the nation.
The worthy life and bright future of the nation depend on him. Now, with great pride, the Korean people at home and abroad call the DPRK as the genuine people’s fatherland.
Thanks to wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un who embraces and leads all nationals who ardently love the country and nation to turn out in the patriotic movement, the day of reunification in which all the Korean people enjoy happy life will come true and a reunified Korea will be the beacon lighting the world.

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