Thursday, 15 September 2016

NPCK Spokesman Accuses Park Geun Hye Group of Trying to Deploy THAAD

 Pyongyang, September 15 (KCNA) -- The Park Geun Hye group, stunned by the DPRK's successful nuclear warhead explosion test, is now going reckless to deploy THAAD in south Korea at any cost with this as an excuse.
    Traitor Park is viciously inciting "crisis of security" and hostility toward the DPRK as if she had got a golden opportunity, crying out for "extremely grave situation of state emergency level" and "readiness to end the north's regime." And she is cunningly trying to prevent the no-THAAD campaign of south Korean people from all walks of life on this opportunity while trumpeting about "strong counteraction".
    At an "emergency meeting for examining security situation," "state council meeting" and talks with representatives of the ruling party and two opposition parties she talked rubbish that "she cannot but deploy THAAD" and she "would push forward THAAD deployment more swiftly" and, at same time, unhesitatingly revealed sinister attempt to suppress the opposition parties and people of all social standings against THAAD deployment, branding them as "undesirable forces" and "forces creating social uneasiness".
    A spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea (NPCK) in a statement on Thursday said this shows what reckless phase the Park group's traitorous hysteria against the DPRK has reached.
    However, it is nothing but a bluff of Park frightened by the rapid development of the nuclear force of the DPRK on a high level, the statement noted, and went on:
    Though THAAD is deployed in south Korea, there will be no change in the destiny of the U.S. reaching a terminal of ruin and in the plight of the Park group clinging its coattails.
    It is ignorant and foolish for Park to deter the smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear attack means of the DPRK with U.S. THAAD.
    The Park group would be well advised to stop acting rashly, pondering over what extent the strategic position of the DPRK has reach and how dangerous the situation will be.
    The group of traitors had better listen carefully to the DPRK's warnings that their heinous political and military provocation will incur merciless nuclear strike to lead them to a final ruin.
    All Koreans should never tolerate the moves of the Park group to deploy THAAD bringing horrible nuclear disaster to this land. -0-

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