Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Reality Exposes Veritable Hell on Earth

South Korea is the fascist and dictatorial society where political freedom and democratic rights of the people are wantonly violated with the revival of "yusin" dictatorship.
It is a well known fact that no sooner had traitor Park Geun Hye taken power than she rallied the remnants of the "yusin" dictatorial regime and her trusted stooges and established dictatorship system with all sorts of fascist laws revived.
Legitimate political party, trade union bodies and media desirous of independence, democracy and reunification were branded as "forces following the north" overnight and forcefully disbanded or shut down by her fascist suppression.
Traitor Park's fascist and dictatorial rule reached its height in brutally suppressing the struggle of the south Korean people for the right to existence as "illegal one".
South Korea is the tundra of human rights where a tiny handful of privileged clans trample down the dignity and rights of the majority of the working masses and forcing them into modern-day slave life.
More than 5.7 million people who fail to earn the lowest living expenses are under the absolute poverty line and at least 8.5 million families live in rented rooms, closeted rooms, vinyl houses, board-hovels, mud huts, etc. This is the situation of the south Korean people at present.
The south Korean puppet authorities tacitly connived at the anthrax germs experiments of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces and decided to introduce THAAD into south Korea, driving the life and security of the people to the cliff.
Now in south Korea youth and children groan in despair without dreams and hopes for the future.
Park Geun Hye is the evil witch who should be killed without delay as she made south Korea the tundra of human rights and hell.
Ri Hyo Ji

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