Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Mirae Scientists Street, People’s Street of 21 st Century


A Russian paper Rociskaya Gazetareported that an extraordinary attraction now on the internetused by billions of people is a display of the photographs showing the Mirae Scientists Street.
And it commented that the street lined by unique buildings of a prospective style is a singular street created in Pyongyang in thetime of flowering civilization
 This street, the focus of the international community as “a people’s street of the 21st century”,“an example of the Songun culture” and “a great impact to the reader”, is for the scientists and educators in the true sense of the word.
The panoramic view of the superb street which soared up along the bank of the scenic River Taedong truly resembles a masterpiece.
What startles the international community isa short period of one year
taken to complete astreet furnished with thousands of dwellinghouses and more than 150 service amenities.
More interesting is the fact that these large and splendid houses the state
heavily invested havebeen allotted to common scientists, researchers and educators free of charge.It is a fact quite inconceivablewith the Western sense of value.That is so to say one of theadvantages of the Korean-style socialist system that capitalism can in no way imitate or invent.
An Argentinean applauded after visiting Korea:The Korean buildings are really magnificent.More important is, Korea has built these superb buildings relying on ther own strength for thesake of the people in a condition of harsh sancti
ons, blockade and slanders of imperialists andtheir followers.
The Mirae Scientists Street which came into being like a socialist fair
yland in the heyday ofconstruction in Korea is a crystal of thenoble view of people and the thorough science-importance policy of respected Marshal
Kim Jong Un.
In recent years he saw to build modern dwelling houses for scientists, technicians andeducators including the Unha Scientists Street, the Apartments for the educators of the Kim Il Sung University, the Wisong Scientists Dwelling H
ouse District and the Kim Chaek Universityof Technology Dwelling Houses. Then he conceivedan idea of forming a new street linking the
Kim Chaek University of Technology Dwelling Houses and named it a “Mirae Scientists Street”.In March, 2016 he announced to build another street named Ryomyong (Dawn) comprising mainly the houses for educators and research
ers giving a good blow to the hostile forces resorting to the vicious sa
nctions and stifling acts.

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