Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Korea Sets Great Store By Youths -Foreign visitors say

World people feel admiration for the great achievements made in the DPRK as s result ofsuccessful implementation of the WPK’s policy of attaching great importance to the youth.
Dmitri Kostenko, Chairman of the RussianJuche Idea Study Association, said:The Korean youth’s zeal of revolution, struggle and patriotismis becoming a symbol of theyouth power.
They go through fire and water to carry through the leader’s command.
In the hardest period for Korea they made breakthroughs in thevan to build many
monumental creations including the Youth Hero Road and so on.
The Korean youths displaying a heroic mettle and fighting spirit firmly rallied behind thegreat leader with close bondsof kinship are a model of the world progressive youths.
Henry Massico, Chief Director of the African Regional Juche Idea Study Committee, saidthat he could see an invincible youth power brought up by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un,watching the young vanguards’ torch parade “Young people, forward following the great Party!”performed in celebration of the 70th
anniversary of the founding ofthe Workers’ Party of Korea,and went on:
Korea has held fast to the policy of attaching great importance to the settlement of the problem of young people with due priority to this work.
The Korean young men and women grew to patriotic ranks sacrificing their youth for thesake of the Party, leader, country and people.
Upholding the will of His Excellency Marshal Kim Jong Un, they successfully completedsuch an enormous Paektusasn Hero Youth Power Station to make a present of their labour to the70thanniversary of the WPK founding.
In the capitalist countries they are poisoned intheir mind to become provocateurs of socialdisorder and trouble-makers of society far frombeing creators of socialprogress and prosperity.
Then what role do the Korean youths play?
They are the first to uphold the ideas and policy of the Party and play the role of the vanguards and a shock force in the building of a prosperous nation.
A great success is in store in the building ofthe socialist thriving nation thanks to the patriotic devotion of the enthusiastic young men and women of Kor
ea, the protagonists of the youth power.
Yevgeni Ryashenko, first secretary of the Maritime Frontier Committee of the LeninistCommunist Youth League of the Russian Federation expressed his excitement as follows: Youngpeople represent the future of the country. I think the world must learn from Korea which setsgreat store by them. We will fight firm with the Korean youths in their struggle opposing theworld imperialists with the revolutionaryspirit, the spirit of blizzard of Paektu.

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