Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Peerless Man’s Outlook on Youth

There is one showing his outlook on the youth out of many stories relating his immortal exploits the great leaderKim Jong Il(1942-2011) made in the development of the Juche-oriented Korean youth movement.
   One day in June 1963 he had a talk with an official in charge of youth work. Quite charmed by his kind-hearted personality theofficial asked the leader about his outlook on youth.
     With a bright smile the leader began to tell...The problem of young people is not only an immediate,but also a prospective, issue of our revolution.The preceding classics did not so far take the problem of young people as an independent subject in the matter of the revolutionary forces.They viewed the youth at best as young intellectuals playing a role of bridging the revolution with the masses.
  He went on to say that only President Kim Il Sung(1912-1994) took the problem of young people in a new aspect for the first time in the history and put them up as a main force of revolution and then explained logically the proud annals of the Juche-oriented Korean youth movement.
    Youths represent the future.Without them a nation has no future.The future of the nation and the destiny of the revolution are decided by how well they are prepared.The problem of young people has to be viewed not only as an  urgent issue for the present revolution and construction,but also a far-sighted issue for preparing and planning the future and be settled with a prospective view.                
   Therefore, the problem of young people is not only an issue of the main force of the present revolution,but also one of the masters of the future and one of the ever-lasting future of the revolution....
  We have to put them our young people up actively and be liberal for the youths. In a word, putthem up as possible as we can and love them to the best!That is a quite proper attitude and position we have to take toward the youths,he said.
  The official felt swell in his heart. At first he thought he would only hear a brief account fromhim. He was quite enchanted by the leader’s outstanding personality when the leader explicitlyexpounded not only the outlook on the youths, but also the attitude and position toward them.
Put them up as possible as we can and love them to the best! It was the lifetime outlook and noble view of leader Kim Jong Il on the youths

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