Monday, 26 September 2016

News Analyst on Poor Human Rights Record of U.S.

 Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) -- Recently, a demonstration was launched in Charlotte City of North Carolina State, the United States, to protest the fatal police shooting at an unarmed black man in his forties.
    In February, a policeman fired at a 16-year-old boy, wounding him in Salt Lake City, Utah State and a man made shooting against his colleagues, killing three of them and wounding 14 others in Kansas State.
    According to a Romanian TV broadcasting program in January, the total number of Americans who lost their lives in the American Civil War, U.S.-Spanish War, the First and Second World Wars and many other wars in the history of the U.S. is 1.2 million while the number of those who were killed owing to gun-related crimes inside the U.S. in peace time is 1.4 million.
    These figures well shows the true colors of the U.S. society as the worst human rights abuser.
    In fact, it is usual in the U.S. to witness such human rights violations as racial discrimination and outrages on sex and children as well as shooting to death by the police whose duty is to protect human lives.
    The U.S. has also committed heinous crimes against humanity in every part of the world.
    It set up secret prisons in Guantanamo and other parts of the world to put innocent people to various sorts of torture and violence.
    It is none other than the U.S. that has put the whole world under its surveillance, mercilessly violating the sovereignty of independent countries as well as elementary rights of human being.
    The U.S. does not hesitate to meddle in other countries' internal affairs and then stage a military aggression on them over what is called "human rights issue", creating international disorder.
    In various regions of the world, regimes were collapsed and racial dispute and civil wars broke out to cause a radically increasing number of refugees. It is an outcome of the vicious moves against humanity done by the U.S. on the plea of "protecting peace and human rights".
    Nevertheless, the U.S. pulls up others over their human rights performance, styling itself a "human rights judge" of the world.
    It is well advised to set right its poor human rights performance rather than acting a "human rights judge". -0

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